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Ejaculation without Erection: Here Is All You Need to Know

Ejaculation without Erection: Here Is All You Need to Know

Have you ever pondered whether it is likely to ejaculate without having an erection? Believe it or not, it can be possible. There are some conditions when you don’t require to have a hard-on to ejaculate.

Nevertheless, reason behind this is something you should be excited about. Ejaculation without erection is common in men who experience sexual disorders, mainly erectile dysfunction.

You might be thinking that what is a relation between ejaculation and erection? Well, in this article, you will know about ejaculation without erection and what role it plays in sexual health.

How do erections and ejaculation work?

It is important to know that erections begin with stimulation both physical and mental. When you are sexually stimulated, your nervous system starts informing muscles around male sexual organ to relax.

This further permit blood to flow into soft erectile tissue of male reproductive organ known as corpora cavernosa. As blood flows in male sexual organ, a membrane surrounding tissue of male sexual organ contracts.

In this way, blood is trapped inside and you are able to stay hard for indulging in sexual activity.Remember erections are controlled by your muscles and erectile tissue of male reproductive organ.

Whereas, orgasm and ejaculation are reflex actions that are controlled by central nervous system. This is why some men across globe suffer from premature ejaculation which is also called PE.

Arousal and excitement slowly build and produce an ejaculatory mechanism when you are sexually stimulated during a lovemaking session. This is when your vas deferens contract and start bringing sperm into base of your male sexual organ. 

When this is going on, both prostate and seminal vesicles start secreting fluids that further produce semen. Also, muscles at base of male reproductive organ contract a number of times and force semen out.

Why do ejaculations take place without erections?

Ejaculations without erection happen in men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. This is because there is an improper flow of blood to male sexual organ. It is common in men and called erectile dysfunction.

Ejaculations without erection can also be a side effect of surgery or a result of some prescription medicines. In some cases, it happens because a man himself wants to have an erection without being erect.

Often, men who engage in prostate play and chastity have ejaculations without erections.Though there are several ways you can orgasm and ejaculate without being a hard-on.

But if that’s only an option then it is vital to visit a doctor and address your health condition like ED.

Living with ED: Substitutes to Penetrative Sexual Activity

As a man, if you suffer from erectile difficulties then you no longer need to live a life of abstinence. Sexual activity is not about performance but an action that occurs between people and causes them to be sexually stimulated.

As long as there is intimacy, joys of physical connection can be met successfully and happily. So, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then don’t worry as there are several ways to enjoy sexual excitement.

Here are some substitutes:

Increased intimacy

While you are head over heels for your partner, it is natural to feel a sense of sexual delight. When that love is encouraged, you might regain spark and feel sexually active once again.

Intimacy in romantic relationships is built with time, necessitating patience and communication from both parties.

By fostering an intimate environment with your partner through foreplay, it is easy to attain higher sexual stimulation. This will not only help with ejaculation but also keep your relationship active over time.

Oral sexual activity

Oral sexual activity is best way to attain a sensual climax that too without an erection. Performing oral sexual acts on your partner can arouse nervous system and prompt an ejaculation without an erection.

Penile massages

Massages are perfect way to increase sexual stimulation in less time and without effort. This is generally true for full-body massages and massages which involve erogenous zones.

A penile massage called Lingham massage can help you to achieve ejaculation when it’s done right.

Manual stimulation

It is important to know that ejaculation results from stimulation of your nervous system. Even without an erect male sexual organ, ejaculation occurs when there is enough pleasing stimulus.

So, if you don’t have an erection then there is nothing to get discouraged about. Sexual encounters or masturbating with a partner can provide you a way for pre-cum and ejaculate to be dismissed in due time.


Medicines have proven to be extremely effective when used along with therapy and lifestyle changes. Nowadays, several medicines are available to treat erectile dysfunction and stay hard during sexual activity & foreplay.

Here are some medications:


It is also called generic Viagra; sildenafil provides quick relief from erectile dysfunction for four to five hours.

Effects of sildenafil last for a long and give you a chance to indulge in uninterrupted sexual activity.


It is an active ingredient in Cialis medicine and long-lasting medicine that provides you relief from erectile dysfunction for 36 hours. 


Vardenafil provides relief from erectile dysfunction within four to five hours per dose. It is an active ingredient in Levitra.


Avanafil is a new and second-generation ED medicine that is available as Stendra.

It is a fast-acting ED medication that causes less serious side effects to patients.

Ejaculation without erection can still give you an active sexual life and allow you to enjoy lovemaking sessions.

Hence, if you are losing an erection during sexual activity then consult a doctor once.