How to avoid Shopping of Fake Generic medicines Online?

How to avoid to buy Generic medicines Online?

Are you planning to buy your prescription drugs from an online store? If yes, then be careful. Nowadays, you can find several online pharmacies that offer fake and counterfeit medicines. 

Fake drugs are mainly medications that are made using ingredients that might be harmful, inactive, or incorrect. The counterfeit medicines are packaged and labeled so that they look just like a brand name or generic drugs.     

Such a kind of false packaging might make you think like you are purchasing a genuine medicine. Several common prescription medicines available in the market have fake versions. 

As a result, they are cheaper, lesser effective, and even have substantial health risks. 

So, you need to purchase medications from a trusted online drugstore to avoid fake drugs. 

What are fake Generic drugs?

Fake medicines are formulated to look exactly like real branded or generic drugs.But remember, they do not have the correct composition like natural medications. 

You can find several fake medications that do not even contain the active ingredients of real medicines in the market. Manufacturers of fake drugs even create packaging that appears like the packaging of real medicine. 

You need to know that the genuine or authentic manufacturers do not produce such types of medications. Therefore, intake of counterfeit drugs can make you suffer from organ failure and even death sometimes. 

What are the risks of taking fake Generic Medicines?

Intake of fake drugs can make you suffer from serious health issues, including allergic reactions, unforeseen side effects, etc. 

Not only this, but counterfeit medicines can make your health condition worsen. 

All these problems can occur because a fake drug may:

It can be contaminated with harmful ingredients

Fake medicine contains the wrong active ingredient, which may not treat your condition or cause serious side effects.

Such medication also has little or no active ingredient that might not be sufficient for treating a medical condition.

Some of the fake drugs contain too much active ingredient that leads to unwanted & dangerous side effects.

Fake drugs are packed with phony wrapping that might contain wrong directions on how to use the medicines.

So, do you want to protect yourself and your family against severe health conditions?

If yes, then be careful while buying medications online from the drugstore. 

On the internet, several pharmacies operate legally and offer genuine medications & ensure complete privacy. 

Signs of fake online pharmacies

To avoid the intake of counterfeit drugs, you need to know the signs of fake internet drugstores. 

  • Permit you to purchase prescription medicines without a valid prescription from your doctor
  • Offer medicines at a meager price that seems to be fake
  • Send spam mails to buy cheap medications

How to avoid shopping for Duplicate generic medicines online?

Want to avoid shopping for fake drugs from online pharmacies? If so, then you are at the right place. 

Here are some ways that can save you from buying counterfeit medications:

Know your medicines

The very first step for avoiding shopping for fake medicine is to know how your real drug looks. 

The visual inspection of medication is essential. 

Once you receive the medicine, don't forget to pay attention to its physical details such as:

  • The appearance of the drug
  • Packaging 
  • Guidelines about its usage

Avoid the medications if there are spelling errors, the expiry date is missing & the manufacturer's license number is missing. 

Do not purchase the drugs whose package seals are broken or tampered.

In case the registration number of drugs is missing or not clear to you, avoid buying it. 

Always purchase from a reliable pharmacy.

When you buy from a reputable Indian online pharmacy store, then there are very few chances of fake drugs. 

Make sure that you do not purchase the medicines from an unregistered online medical store. 

There are very high chances of buying fake or counterfeit drugs in the unregistered online drugstore.

You need to order medications from an approved online drugstore that carries standard seals. 

Report any suspicious medicines

You are using counterfeit medication if you find that the drug's taste is different or experience side effects. 

If you come across any of these problems, then stop the drug intake and report to your healthcare provider immediately. 

In this case, you can also contact your nearest or local drug control agency. 

Always remember that medications are designed to help you fight against diseases and illnesses. 

But when you take counterfeit drugs, it becomes difficult for you to treat your health conditions. 

Therefore, if you want to avoid the purchase of fake medications online, remember the points mentioned in this blog.