Are Weed Good or Bad for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Are Weed Good or Bad for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?
Published : Jun 15, 2024

Like other recreational drugs, weed has both positive and negative effects on your body. Some of the direct impacts of weed include providing relief from pain, changes in mood, altered senses, and a degree of weakening in functioning & thinking. 

On the other hand, weed is also linked with some sexual side effects. It increases the risk of erectile dysfunction in men. However, some studies suggest that weed or marijuana decreases sexual performance, and others the opposite. 

If you use weed regularly, it is essential to know how it can affect your sexual life.

Can smoking weed cause erectile dysfunction?

As the current research is conflicting, the link between erectile dysfunction and cannabis is still not clear. Some studies state that smoking weed is linked to causing erectile dysfunction, while others show that men who do not use weed are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

You should know that the link between cannabis and ED might be more related to toxic chemicals in smoke than the cannabis itself. Several poisonous substances present in tobacco smoke are also present in cannabis smoke.

Similar to tobacco smoking, risks appear greatest for men who smoke more or who smoke more often weed. People who smoke weed heavily are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction and may face premature ejaculation.

Weeds and Erectile Dysfunction: What Science Says

Research on weeds or marijuana and sex is mixed. A 2017 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found marijuana showed an increase in sexual desire and frequency without impairing sexual function. However, the study noted that the effects on male sexual health need further study.

Another study in Sexual Medicine (2019) found that women who used marijuana before sex reported higher sex drive, better orgasms, and less pain.

Data from over 200 participants in a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine study showed that 38% found sex more enjoyable with marijuana, while 4.7% found it worse. Some participants did report performance issues like difficulty reaching orgasm while using marijuana.

Short-Term Side Effects of Smoking Weed

The amount of time needed for Weeds to affect your mood varies based on how you consume them. When you eat marijuana, it may take up to 30 to 60 minutes to flare up its effects. While you smoke or vape it, then it dramatically shortens this window, and some effects are so instantaneous.

Some common short-term side effects of weeds or marijuana use are:

  • Changes in your senses(e.g., start to see colors differently)
  • Altered senses of time
  • Changes in moods and feelings
  • Impaired movement, thinking, and memory

When you consume weeds in high doses or at a high level of potency, it can lead to conditions like hallucinations, psychosis, and delusions.

Long-Term Side Effects of Smoking Weed

Although weeds can show their effects in the short term, they also have a long-term impact on certain parts of your body.

For example, According to research, the long-term use of weeds can reduce your ability to think, form memory, and learn new functions. Additionally, weeds can have long-term side effects like:

  • affect the way your brain develops connections
  • Contribute to high heart rate, which may persist for several hours after you smoke
  • It might cause lung irritation and result in breathing problems

Other physical issues due to the use of weeds may include nausea and vomiting in women and a risk to child development during pregnancy.

Can weed make your sexual life better?

There are very few chances that smoking weed can make you last longer in bed or extend orgasm. According to studies, it is revealed that people who use cannabis not only indulge in sexual activity more often than non-users, but cannabis also makes sexual intercourse more enjoyable. This improvement in sexual wellness & satisfaction is great for both men and women.

Can I Use Viagra and Weeds Together?

Research on the interactions between Weeds and Viagra, and other ED medications like Cialis(tadalafil) and avanafil, are limited because of weeds or marijuana's status as a Schedule I drug. ED medications are generally safe and effective but can cause interactions with other substances, including recreational drugs.

Isolated reports, such as a 2006 study in Clinical Cardiology, show that marijuana can inhibit the enzyme cytochrome P450 3A4, which metabolizes sildenafil (Viagra). This inhibition could increase the risk of side effects when you use these substances together.

To minimize risks, consult your healthcare provider before using ED medications if you are using marijuana. They can offer safe treatment options and personalized advice in such cases.

Also, it would be best if you avoid using weeds or marijuana during the use of medicines or even during serious health conditions.

What are the effective treatment options for erectile dysfunction?

You can have a big impact on erectile dysfunction by simply choosing some healthy lifestyle options. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are necessary for heart disease, which is directly linked to erectile dysfunction.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction is usually done on an individual basis, which makes it necessary for you to consult a doctor first. However, there are several FDA-approved medicines like Viagra and Cialis which effectively treat erectile dysfunction.


Therefore, it is better to avoid weed if you wish to enjoy your sexual activity and stay healthy. There are several conflicting studies that state that it is hard to conclude weed's potential harm. Although cannabis is not a treatment for ED, it does not support sexual health.