Guide About Viagra (Sildenafil) Dosage
Guide About Viagra (Sildenafil) Dosage

Discover the optimal Viagra dosage available for your needs. From 25 mg for mild cases to 100 mg for severe erectile dysfunction, understand the benefits and potential side effects. Consult your healthcare provider to determine the safest and most effective dose for you.

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Manoj Kumar - B.Pharmacy Published : Apr 05, 2024 Last Updated : Apr 09, 2024
Which Alternatives To Viagra Are Effective?
Which alternatives to Viagra are effective?

Explore effective alternatives to Viagra for treating erectile dysfunction. From Tadalafil to herbal supplements like Ginseng, explore various options to improve sexual health. Make informed choices about your sexual health. Know non-medical alternatives, lifestyle changes, and natural remedies to enhance your sexual wellness.

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Alex Perry Published : Mar 19, 2024 Last Updated : Mar 20, 2024
Know The Side Effects Of Viagra
Know the Side Effects of Viagra

Know the possible side effects of Viagra(Sildenafil) and how to manage them for safe and effective treatment of ED. Understand the common and rare side effects, and follow expert advice to minimize risks and maximize the benefits of this ED pill.

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Manoj Kumar - B.Pharmacy Published : Mar 18, 2024 Last Updated : Mar 18, 2024
Cialis Vs. Viagra: Which ED Medication Is Better?
Cialis vs. Viagra: Which ED medication is better?

The difference Between Viagra and Cialis is how long they last. After taking Viagra, you get an action time of up to 5 hours. On the other hand, Cialis lasts for around 24 to 36 hours and is available in low doses for regular dosing.

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Alex Perry Published : Feb 04, 2024 Last Updated : Feb 29, 2024