Why Generic Medicine cost is low as compared to the brand?

Why Generic Medicine cost is low as compared to the brand?

Are you still wondering why generic medicines cost less when compared to branded ones? If so, then you have reached absolutely the right place. 

In this blog, you will know why the cost of generic drugs is low than branded medications. But before that, you need to know about generic as well as branded drugs. 

What is a generic medicine?

A generic medicine is often considered as an alternative to branded ones. This medication is mainly manufactured as well as developed when the original patent gets expired. 

The generic medicine is similar to the branded drug because it is formulated with the active ingredient. Not only the active ingredient is the same but also its efficacy, strength & dosage are also similar to the brand. 

Although generic drugs have the same effect but might not appear identical to branded medicine. The color, shape, name, packaging, labeling as well as the expiry of a generic is different. 

What is a branded medicine?

A branded medicine is considered as the original product which is developed by a pharmacological company. When a pharma company develops a new medication, the product undergoes and passes different tests. 

This is done to ensure that the medicine is effective in treating the condition for which it is developed. Several tests that are conducted also assure that the branded drug is safe for human consumption. However, when you visit the doctor's clinic and he/she writes you a prescription for a brand name medication. You take that prescription to the pharmacist and there you are told that its generic version is also available. 

In this case, which one you will choose? Most people prefer generic versions because it is less costly. 

Why generic medicines are highly demanded?

There are times when several patients are not able to afford the high cost of prescription drugs. As a result, it becomes difficult for them to complete their treatment. But there are a few health conditions that make it important for them to stay on the prescribed drug. 

This is the time when patients start looking for Indian Medicine Online as they are not able to afford their treatment. The major reason for the demand for generic drugs is their cost-effective price. 

You need to know that generic medicine is not only effective but also FDA-approved at the same time. With such kind of medicine, you can easily stay with the course of treatment due to their affordable price. This medicine also works in the same manner as branded and ensures that the same clinical benefits are attained. 

Thus, also the active ingredient used in brand name and generic drug is the same, ensuring their same working mechanism. 

Reasons why generic medicines cost less when compared to its brand drug

There are several reasons behind this, some of them are discussed in this blog. The manufacturers of brand name medicines need to conduct several tests that are known as clinical trials. 

This is conducted to ensure that the drug is safe to use and also works in the way it is supposed to. All these tests are very costly, as a result, manufacturers pass on some of these expenses to the consumer. 

Consequently, the cost of brand name medicine tends to be costly. Brand-name medicine is only sold by one manufacturer and numerous companies mainly sell the same generic drug. 

As a result, competition in the marketplace arises due to which the cost of a generic drug is lowered for consumers. 

Generic medicines cost almost 80% to 85% less than the same brand name drug. The manufacturers of generic medications cost less than the branded medications as no development cost is involved. Thus, generic drugs are cheaper than branded medications. 

Where to buy generic drugs?

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So, now complete your treatment easily with affordable generic medications.