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Piozone 15mg

Piozone 15mg
Piozone 15mg
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Product Description

Piozone 15mg (pioglitazone) - Use in Type 2 Diabetes

Poazone 15mg tablets is an effective drug to control high blood sugar levels in the patient suffering from type 2 diabetes. This medicine prevents kidney disorders, nerve problems, risk of heart attacks & stroke, and sexual problems. The medication of this drug is advised along with special diets and regular exercise to maintain the weight which can also be a risk factor.

How does it work?

Piozone 15mg is an antibiotic diabetic drug containing pioglitazone as an active ingredient. This medicine works by increasing the body's sensitivity to insulin and brings an increase in their production which helps to control the sugar levels in the body and prevents the problems associated with high blood sugar during type 2 diabetes.

Dosage indication

Piozone 15mg comes in form of oral tablets which are taken by mouth, swallow a tablet with a glass of water without breaking or chewing. use the medicine in the exact amount as advised by a health care expert. During the medication, you must follow a special diet and regular exercise routine which will help you during the medication to maintain weight. Do not miss any dose and never use it in a smaller or higher amount than the prescribed one. Complete the full medication course and inform your doctor before you stop its medication.

Side Effects




Weight gain 

Allergic skin reaction





Elevated liver enzymes


If any of the side effects persist or get worsen you should contact a doctor.

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