Candid B Cream

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  • Generic Name : Clotrimazole
  • Brand Name : Candid B
  • Manufacturer Name : Glenmark
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What is Candid B cream 20 Gm?

Candid B cream is a helpful medication to treat various types of fungal skin infections. Candid B Ointment cream minimizes the symptoms of inflammation, such as redness, swelling, and itching. It usually acts against the infection-causing microorganisms and treats the infection completely. Candid B cream is not recommended for use in patients below 12 years of age.

Uses of Candid Cream

  • Candidiasis
  • Fungal infection of nappy rash
  • Allergic Rhinitis
  • Tinea versicolor
  • Fungal infection occurs in the vulva
  • Fungal infection of the Vagina, Penis, Groin, and toes

How does Candid B Ointment work?

Candid B Cream For Yeast Infection is a combination of Clotrimazole and Beclomethasone. Clotrimazole in this medicine helps to stop the growth of fungus. Cadidb prevents microorganisms from making their protective covering and inhibits their multiplication. 

Beclomethasone is an anti-inflammatory medicine that helps to treat inflammation. It reduces redness, swelling, and itching of the skin due to various skin conditions.

Dosage Instruction

Candid B cream is for external use only. Apply this cream in dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Before you apply this cream, make sure you do not have any allergies to its inactive ingredient. 

You should clean and dry your affected skin area before applying this cream. Take a small amount of this cream and coat a thin layer of it. Please wash your hands after applying it until the hands are in the infected area. 

Please do not use it in a more considerable amount and never apply a thick layer. It will help if you avoid contact with the eye or injured parts of the skin. Use this cream each day and complete the entire treatment course to get the best results.

Overdose - Do not overdose on this cream; it may result in adverse effects if used In excessive amounts. Contact your doctor if you suspect any symptom overdose.

Side Effects

These are some major & minor Side effects that Candid B cream may include-

  • Unusual warm skin
  • Blisters under the skin
  • Itchy and dryness of the skin
  • Lightening of skin at the area of application
  • Easy brushing of the skin
  • Skin rash
  • Server allergic reaction

When should you avoid the use of Candid-B Cream?

If you are allergic to its active ingredient, you should avoid its use. 

If you have periods, you should stop using this medicine.

If your skin is accidentally damaged or injured, you have cuts, wounds, and scrapes.

Inform your doctor if you have any of these problem

If you have symptoms of abnormal vaginal bleeding, a blood-stained Discharge, Vaginal Ulcers, or foul smell vaginal Discharge. 

If your symptoms do not get well even after 2 to 4 weeks of applying Candid-B cream

I had a history of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or exposure to a partner who has an STD.

If you are taking any other medicine or suffering from another disease or disorder

If you have had two or more infections of fungal Vaginitis in the past six months

Precautions for Candid B Cream

Avoid direct contact with Candid-B Cream from your eyes, mouth, nose, or other sensitive areas. If you mistakenly apply it to this area, rinse it off with water properly. 

Do not apply this cream to the breast when you are feeding milk to the baby. Take advice before you use this medicine during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Keep your infected area clean and apply this cream in the exact order as advised for you.

Always keep this Candid-B cream in proper condition and out of the reach of children.


Candid-B Cream is manufactured and marketed by Glenmark Pharmaceutical Ltd (India). It is a leading pharmaceutical company that manufactures Candid-B Cream 20mg. This cream is used for the diagnosis or treatment of fungal infections.

Faqs - About Candid Cream

Can I stop using Candid-B Cream when my symptoms are relieved?

No, Do not stop using Candid-B cream without completing the entire treatment course. Your symptoms may improve, and you may start to feel better, but stopping it earlier can leave an infection. So, keep using this medicine and complete the advised duration of this medication.

Can I use a higher dose than the recommended one for Candid-B cream?

No, Never use a higher dose than the recommended dose of Candid-B cream. It would help if you did not use it for a more extended period or on large areas of skin. It may result in too much absorption of medicine by the body. This may bring side effects or weaken or thinning of the skin. If you experience severe symptoms, please consult your doctor soon.

Is it safe to use Candid-B cream?

Yes, Use of Candid-B cream is safe when used as advised by your doctor. Usually, this medicine is used for a limited duration of 1-2 weeks only. It may cause some common side effects that may disappear after your skin adjusts to this cream in a few cases. It can cause itching, transient burning, and irritation at the application site. Inform your doctor if they persist or worsen, and seek immediate medical care.

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