Cefoprox 200mg

Cefoprox 200mg
Cefoprox 200mg
Active Ingredients
Cefpodoxime Proxetil
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Product Description

What is a Cefoprox 200mg tablet?

Cefoprox 200mg is an antibiotic medication that helps in treating a wide variety of bacterial infections. It is employed to treat respiratory tract infection, nose, throat, ear, urinary tract, skin, and soft tissue. These infections are caused due to multiplication of harmful bacterias in our bodies. 

Cefoprox stops the growth of the bacteria to prevents them from spreading or multiplying. Such action of the drug help to treat and resolves the symptoms of the infection. Cefoprox 200mg tablet also treats infection caused in the brain, such as meningitis.

How does Cefoprox work?

Cefoprox 200mg tablet have Cefpodoxime as its prime ingredient. It acts against bacteria by preventing them from forming their protective covering(cell wall). Cell well is essential for them to survive but target it the drug kills them. Thus, it effectively fights against bacteria and prevents them from multiplying.

How to take Cefoprox 200mg tablet?

Cefoprox 200mg is a prescription medicine that you need to take as long as advised for you. As an oral drug, take Cefoprox 200mg tablet with a glass of water by swallowing it. Do not break or chew it while taking and you should take it with food. The dose of the drug may depend on what you are taking it for, so follow the prescription strictly. Keep continuity on the treatment unless you finish the full course of treatment. Do not stop or skip any dose and consult your doctor if you doubt the medication.

Side Effects Cefpodoxime Tablets

some common side effects. But most of its side effects do not need any serious medical attention. After a few days, when your body adjusts to the medicine, they get well themselves. But if you notice any of the side effects persist or bother you, please consult a doctor.

Skin rash

Joint pain



Change in taste



Stomach pain

Decreased appetite

Excessive air or gas in the stomach


Dark or clay-colored stools

Precaution and Safety

Do not take any dose of Cefoprox 200mg tablet if you have an allergy to Cefpodoxime.

Cefoprox tablet may decrease your alertness or may make you feel dizzy or turn your vision blur. Do not drive or perform any activity that needs alertness if these symptoms occur.

Use Cefoprox 200mg tablet with caution if you have severe kidney disease or disorder.

Ask your doctor before you start using it during pregnancy or breastfeeding a baby.

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