Cerazette 0.08 mg

Cerazette 0.08 mg
Cerazette 0.08 mg
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NV Organon
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Product Description

Cerazette Medicine - Overview

Desogestrel is a contraception pill prescribed for preventing pregnancy if taken properly. Manufactured by NV Organon, the drug contains a significant amount of Desogestrel which prevents pregnancy by blocking the process of ovulation in women.
Desogestrel is only for preventing pregnancy. It is not an abortion pill. Desogestrel will not work if pregnancy is already attained.

Desogestrel Working
With Desogestrel as its prime ingredient, Cerazette produces the hormone progesterone which is naturally released in the body and prevents pregnancy. The medication, if rightly consumed, precludes a woman from attaining pregnancy by bringing changes in the uterus lining and increasing the thickness of vaginal fluid so that the sperm cannot fertilize the eggs.

Desogestrel Dose
Consult your gynecologist about the usage and effects of Desogestrel medication as regular use of contraception medications increase the risk of breast cancer. Desogestrel pills must be consumed once daily same time every day. However, seek guidance in case you miss your dose for more than 12 hours or vomit within 3 hours of its intake. It is best to use Desogestrel's first day of your menstrual cycle.

Desogestrel Side Effects
Frequently-seen side effects of Desogestrel are acne, nausea, vomiting, breast pain, reduced sexual desire, headache, menstruation issues, mood changes, depression and anxiety.

Cerazette Buying Details
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