Dizone 250mg

Dizone 250mg
Dizone 250mg
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Product Description

What is Dizone 250mg?

Dizone 250 MG tablet helps in treating chronic alcoholism and alcohol dependence. The long term use of alcohol may result in uncontrolled addiction. This medicine brings unpleasant effects during interaction with alcohol and promotes withdrawal effects.

The effects may start 10min after the consumption of alcohol and they last for 1 hour. This discourages a patient towards alcohol use and reduces the desire to drinking. 

How does it work?

Dizone 250mg tablet contains as an active ingredient. This medicine generally acts as an alcohol-abuse inhibitor. It works by interfering with the way your body metabolizes alcohol. During alcohol consumption, our body breaks down alcohol into acetaldehyde compounds.

They are further broken by the aldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme. In this stage, the drug prevents the enzyme from functioning properly. As it results in the unconverted form of acetaldehyde that remains as acetic acid. Thus, it changes the way alcohol acts for our body and bring withdrawal effects.

Important Information

Dizone 250 mg tablets use may be unsafe during pregnancy and also during lactation. The use of this drug is not recommended in patients with allergy to its inactive ingredient.

Do not drink alcohol during the medication. It may bring symptoms like increased heartbeat, nausea, chest pain, etc.

Dosage Instruction-

Take Dizone tablets with or without food. But it is better to take this medicine with food, it will help you to prevents the problem of an upset stomach. Take this medicine exactly as prescribed by your doctor or physician. Do skip or miss any dose during the treatment course and finish the full course. During the medication, avoid alcohol in all forms including beer, vines, liquid medications.

You must take it with a combination of a counseling program that will prepare you to avoid the use of alcohol. Remember it will take time, social support, willpower to prevent the habit of drinking. So you must continue the medication until you are not advised to stop.

Side effects

Most side effects of this drug do not need any medical attention and appear in a mild form. But if it gets worsen you should consult a doctor.




Metallic taste

Dark-colored urine

Loss of appetite 

Stomach pain


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