Eflora Cream 15gm

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Discover smooth, flawless skin with Eflora Cream 15 gm, a revolutionary solution to reduce unwanted facial hair growth. It offers confidence and convenience with every application and gives fantastic results.

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  • Generic Name : Vaniqa
  • Brand Name : Eflornithine Hydrochloride Cream
  • Manufacturer Name : Mepromax Lifesciences Pvt Ltd
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  • Presentation : Tube Pack Cream

What is Eflora Cream 15gm?

Eflora Cream 15gm is a topical medicine to treat facial hirsutism (unwanted facial hair growth) in women. It slows down unwanted hair growth around the lips or under the chin, mouth, and other parts of the face. Eflora Cream is a prescription medicine, and one should take it only when prescribed by an expert. Adults and children after the age of 12 years may use this cream only after consulting with a doctor. 

Medical uses of Eflora Cream:

Eflora Cream 15gm containing Eflornithine as an active ingredient helps to treat conditions like:


It is a condition that leads to unwanted hair growth, especially facial hair. Eflora cream is generally used to treat unwanted facial hair growth in women. 

Manufacturer of Eflora Cream:

Mepromax Lifesciences Pvt Ltd is an Indian pharmaceutical company that manufactures Eflora Cream. To buy it at the best price, you may choose our online drugstore and get it at the most discounted price. 

How does Eflora Cream 15 gm work?

Eflora Cream contains Eflornithine as an active ingredient that helps treat facial hirsutism. It works by slowing the growth of unwanted hair on the face in women, especially at the application site. It blocks the natural substance that is needed for the hair to grow and hair follicles to grow hair. 

How to use Eflora Cream 15gm?

Eflora Cream is for external use; your doctor will know how and when you need it. Consider using it only when prescribed by a medical healthcare advisor before reading the information and instructions given to the packaging unit. 

Before application, clean and dry the affected skin without any harsh action. Apply a small amount of this cream with the help of your fingertip; coat a thin layer of it. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after using this cream. Use it regularly for the most benefit, and do not use it excessively. Using it excessively might not clear your condition faster but may increase the chances of causing side effects of this cream. Also, before you start using Eflora cream, take an allergic test. 

What if you forget to use Eflora Cream 15gm?

If you forget to use Eflora cream, apply the cream as soon as possible. However, if you get too late and it is almost time for the next application, it is better to leave the missed dose and apply the next dose. The next step is to return to regularly scheduled doses, not spread them twice simultaneously, and never use them excessively. 

Side effects:

These are some of the most common side effects of using Eflora Cream. If you experience any of them, please consult a doctor and discontinue if any side effects persist. 

  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Hair loss
  • Acne 
  • Dry skin
  • Hair follicle inflammation
  • Tingling or pricking sensation
  • Irritation at the application site

Before using Eflornithine Cream:

Inform your doctor about these conditions before using Eflora cream 15gm:

  • Allergic to Eflornithine or any other inactive ingredient of this cream
  • Inform your doctor if you use any other prescription or non-prescription medicine. For example, if you take vitamins, nutritional supplements, and herbal products that you take.
  • Have cuts or wounds on the skin due to an injury
  • If you are facing a severe acne problem
  • If you are pregnant, planning for a pregnancy, or breastfeeding

Safety Advice and Precautions:

If you are allergic to its active ingredient, Eflornithine, then avoid using Eflora Cream. 

During pregnancy, using Eflora cream can be unsafe. Please discuss this with your doctor, who will weigh the benefits and potential risks before prescribing this cream.

Do not apply Eflora cream on cuts or wounds caused by injury. 

Eflora cream is probably safe during breastfeeding unless you use it on your breast. Applying this cream to a particular area might be unsafe for the baby, so please consult your doctor before using it. 

Avoid the direct contact of this cream with your eyes. If something happens accidentally, wash your eyes immediately with water and seek medical attention if something feels wrong. 

Storage Information:

Store Eflora Cream in a cool and dry place away from the direct sunlight. Please keep it away from the reach of children and pets.

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Is Eflora Cream 15 gm permanent?

The use of Eflora Cream will slow down the rate of hair growth in unwanted areas. However, it will not ensure an end to the hair growth altogether from the application site. Eflora cream is generally designed to reduce facial hair and help improve your looks and appearance. And, for permanent hair removal, light sheer diode laser treatment may help. 

How fast does Eflornithine work?

Eflornithine, used to reduce unwanted facial hair growth in women, typically shows noticeable effects within 4 to 8 weeks of regular use. However, individual responses may vary, and continued use is necessary to maintain results. It's essential to follow your doctor's instructions for optimal results.

Does Eflora Cream cause hair loss on the head?

Eflornithine cream helps treat excessive facial hair growth in females. You must use it carefully and not apply it over other parts like the scalp. 


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