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FAQ - RefillOnlinePharmacy

1.. What are Generic Drugs?

Generic drugs are similar to or the bioequivalent of a brand drug in dose, kind, safety, quality, strength, how it is administered, performance, and meant use.

2. Are generic drugs as safe as brand name drugs?

Without any doubt, every Generic drug and brand name drug facilities meet a similar standard of fine producing practices. In fact, around 50% of generic drug production comes from brand name corporations. These corporations often build generic equivalence of their own or different name pharmaceuticals. At RefillOnlinePharmacy, client safety is our most high held principle that shall never be neglected.

3. Is the effectiveness of Generic drugs and brand drugs the same?

Fundamentally, yes. A large percentage of the population experience affirmative results while taking generic drugs.

4. How can I contact someone at

You can visit our contact us page and enter into a Live Chat with our representative to get immediate answers to your queries.

5. How do brand name and a generic drug differ?

The only difference between a brand name drug and a generic drug is its marketing name and their price. As per the standard practice and state laws, the active ingredients of both need to be some though there might be changes in color, flavor, and other inactive ingredients. So everything in terms of dosage, potency, and effectiveness remains the same.

6. Are the generic pills FDA approved?

Reputed pharmaceutical companies in India, Turkey, Canada, and others have statutory approvals from the FDA of their own country to produce and manufacture these generic drugs that are available on our website.

7. What is the maximum amount that can be purchased?

The pharmacy can supply a maximum of three months of medication to you in quantities as prescribed by your physician.

8. What are your operational hours?

Our Call center (Sales , Refill, Support & Order) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

9.What to do if there is any problem with my order?

You can quick respond to all your queries at our Live Chat. You can also call out customer support number or email us and a customer service representative will contact you promptly and answer your query. Please visit our contact us page to know our hours of operation.

10. What is your accepted mode of Payment? Do you accept all credit cards?

We accept Credit card payment through Visa cards and Moneygram for offline payments.

11. Does have all my drugs available?

Though we do the stock the majority of medications we might not have all medications available in other parts of the world.

12. How Much time you take to deliver the order?

Though the delivery span is 7 to 14 days, shipments may be delivered before time. However, it is advisable to order medications beforehand and allow a cushion period of 14 days to get the medication delivered to you without any hindrance.

13. what are shipping charges?

our shipping charges for all orders is 25usd.

14. How do I track my order processing?

You can either track your order processing through your account using username and password on our website or call.