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Gastro Health

Gastrohealth medications, such as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and H2 blockers, manage conditions like acid reflux and ulcers by reducing stomach acid production. Antacids and prokinetics may also alleviate symptoms. Consultation with a healthcare professional is crucial for personalized Gastrohealth treatment plans. To buy these medicines at the best price, you choose an online pharmacy from India.

Gastro Health Medications

Gastro health problems include gastrointestinal disorders, which contain acidity, intestinal, stomach ulcers, and heartburn that can affect a person’s life on a daily routine. Gastrohealth medicines help to treat all types of gastrointestinal problems, provide relief to your stomach, and prevent unpleasant symptoms. These problems can also be caused by a bacterial infection that infects the intestinal path and infects other connected organs. Thus, this medicine also helps to stop the issues that are caused by bacterial infections and treat other infections effectively.

Causes of Gastrointestinal problems

Here are some of the most common causes that can lead to gastrointestinal problems includes-

  • Eating a low-fiber diet
  • Bacterial infections caused by contaminated water
  • No involvement in physical activities like exercise in life
  • Changes in routines.
  • Mostly use of dairy products in a large amount 
  • Impact of antacid medicines that contain calcium or aluminium
  • In pregnancy
  • Take certain drugs, especially antidepressants, iron pills, and others that are strong and have high acidic levels. Vital pain medicines like narcotics can also promote Gastro problems
  • The stressful and travelling lifestyle

How should gastrointestinal health medicines be taken?

Many Gastro health medicines are given under prescription, but some of them are available without prescription. They can be taken for your everyday Gastro problems. Still, if you have been suffering gastrointestinal issues for a long time, then it should be taken under prescription and follow the right direction as suggested by your doctor. While taking any medicine, you should carefully read the instructions given on its packaging cover. It helps you to get the right idea of how to use these drugs.

Medications used under Gastro health treatment

These gastrohealth medicines include antacids, helicobacter pylori eradication agents, aminosalicylates, and other drugs. Sometimes, digestive enzymes are used under gastrohealth treatment.

Here are some mainly prescribed gastrointestinal medicines that are effective and provide you quick relief from the symptoms. 

Norflox Tablets

Norflox is an antibiotic medicine that belongs to a group of drugs known as fluoroquinolones. It is used to treat different bacterial infections of the prostate gland, urinary tract, gynaecological diseases, gonorrhoea, and bladder infections. Norflox works by stopping the growth of bacteria. This antibiotic medicine only treats bacterial infections. It does not work for viral infections, such as the common cold, flu, etc. Use this medicine only when it is needed, and avoid its use if you are allergic to other fluoroquinolones.

Flagyl Tablets

Flagyl is an antiprotozoal medicine that helps in treating infections caused by bacteria and parasites. It treats diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, blood, brain, lungs, bones, genital tract, and pelvic area and prevents infections after surgery. Flagyl is also used for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. This medicine is not recommended with alcohol, so it is better to avoid drinking while having this medicine.

Omez tablets

Omez tablet is a proton pump inhibitor that effectively reduces the amount of acid produced in your stomach. These tablets are mainly used in the treatment of stomach ulcers, heartburn, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Omez works by reducing the amount of acid in the belly, which helps relieve acid-related indigestion and heartburn. Take this medicine in the correct dose and duration as advised by your doctor.

Nexpro tablets

Nexpro tablet belongs to the class of drugs known to lower acid production in the stomach. It contains Esomeprazole as an active ingredient. This medicine is used to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and intestinal ulcers. It is also used when you have excessive use of painkillers and antibiotics and to eradicate a bacteria called H.Pylori to reduce the risk of intestinal infection. This medicine should be taken in doses and duration as advised by the doctor or pharmacist. It should be taken on an empty stomach.

Mesacol tablets

Mesacol Tablet is an anti-inflammatory medicine used for the treatment of a bowel disease known as ulcerative colitis; it helps to control symptoms such as stomach pain, diarrhoea, and rectal bleeding and reduces inflammation in the bowl.

Contradictions and warnings of Gastro health medications

Gastrohealth medication can also show some adverse effects, which depend on the mechanism principal of the drug. These side effects occur when the medicines work by killing the bacterial infection; thus, sometimes, it affects the digestive system and can bring problems like diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting, while in others, it affects the neurological level, which includes headache or dizziness. Therefore, it is essential to take these medicines as instructed by your doctor.

In some cases, there is a contradiction like proton pump inhibitor -lansoprazole should not be used if you are suffering from stomach ulcer, galactose malabsorption, or fructose intolerance.

So it is better to seek advice from doctors before taking any medicine and inform them about your other help problems, about drugs that you are already taking, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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