Halovate 0.05% 30gm

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  • Generic Name : Halobetasol
  • Brand Name : Ulravate
  • Manufacturer Name : Glenmark
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What is Halovate CR 005-30gm Cream?

Halovate 30gm Cream helps treat various skin conditions, including allergic reactions. It relieves itching, irritation, and inflammation due to plaque psoriasis and other skin problems. Inhibiting the release of certain chemical messengers reduces unpleasant reactions on the skin. Use this ointment only after the doctor's approval and apply it exactly as instructed.

Uses of Halobestasol 30gm Cream

It helps to treat skin rash, dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema.

How does it work?

Halovate Cream 30gm includes Halobetasol, a corticosteroid glass of agent. It works by inhibiting the release of certain chemical messengers and acts on the skin cells. When your skin reacts to any allergens, it interferes with the process. This ointment normalizes the release of these chemical messengers that trigger unpleasant symptoms.

How to use Halovate 30gm Cream?

It would help if you used Halovate 30gm Cream as suggested by your doctor. Please read the information given on the packaging unit and use it only when prescribed. It is for external use; gently apply it to the affected skin area. Before applying this Cream, clean your affected skin area nicely with water. Make it dry with a cotton cloth and apply the Cream with the help of your fingertip. Coat a thin layer and ensure your hands are clean before applying it. Please wash your hands after applying it unless your hands are the part for which you are using this Cream.

While using it, make sure you do not use it excessively or coat a thick layer. Using it excessively will not boost the process as it may lead to the peeling of the Cream, so avoid doing this. Also, it may increase the risk of side effects of this medical Cream, so use it as advised. Use this Cream regularly for the advised duration and use it as long as advised for you.

Side effects

Some people may experience common side effects while using Halovate 30gm Cream. It may cause skin dryness, stretch marks, itching, burning or stinging sensation or pain at the site. Do not worry; these effects are mild and short-lived, and not every person faces them.

If they appear in you and persist for longer, please let your doctor know about them. Usually, these effects may appear at first use and disappear when your skin adjusts to this Cream.

Precautions and Safety advice

If you have allergic to a substance like Halobetasol, do not use Halovate 30gm Cream.

Avoid the contact of Halovate Ointment with the eyes, nose, mouth, skin folds, and anal or vaginal area. But in case it happens accidentally, rinse it with water thoroughly as soon as possible.

Avoid using Halovate 30gm Cream on open wounds, cuts, windburned, sunburned, or dry skin.

Do not apply it on your breast if you are going to nourish a baby, and clean your breast before doing this. Also, ask your doctor whether you should use it under such circumstances.

Halovate 30gm Cream is not indicated for children below 12 years of age.

Keep this medical Cream away from direct sunlight and keep it out of reach of children and pets.

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