Locula Eye Drop

Locula Eye Drop
Locula Eye Drop
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Eye Drop
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Product Description

What is Locula Eye Drop?

Locula eye drop is an antibacterial medicine employed to treat bacterial infection of the eye. It fights the bacteria and kills them to treat the infection, and resolves the symptoms. Locula eye drops relieve symptoms like pain, redness, itching, or soreness of the eye due to infection. It treats the eye infection caused by bacteria only and not by any other organism.

How does it work?

Locula eye drop contains an active ingredient called Sulfacetamide, which is an antibacterial medicine. It works by blocking the growth of bacteria and leads to their death. Locula eye drop does it by preventing the synthesis of essential protein in bacteria. These proteins are generally required for their survival and help them to carry out vital functions. Thus, Locula eye drop treats your eye infection. 

How to use Locula Eye Drop?

Use Locula eye drop only after a valid prescription; avoid if not directed for you. Use it in the advised number of drops and at the fixed duration directed by your doctor. Always check to expire and read the label for direction before use. To use it, hold the dropper never to the eye without touching it to your eye part. Gently squeeze the dropper and put the drop inside the lower eyelid carefully. Put the exact number of drops and wipe off the extra liquid after using it. Keep using the eye drop as long as directed for you, and do not use a double dose.

Side effects

In some cases, Locula eye drop may cause certain common side effects. Most of them are mild and get well themselves with time, but some may persist. If any of the side effects stay for longer or bother you seek immediate medical care. It may cause-

Blurred vision


Aplastic anemia

Conjunctival hyperemia

Stinging and burning

Discharge from eyes


Precaution and Safety Advice

Avoid the use of Locula eye drop if you have an allergy to Sulfacetamide or any other ingredient. 

Do not wear contact lenses while you have symptoms of bacterial infection in your eye. Also, avoid wearing it while using Locula eye drops.

If you are using medicine like silver nitrate, do not use Locula eye drop along with it.

Locula eye drop is not for use in babies less than 2 months old. 

Use of Locula eye drop may cause blurry vision, so be cautious while driving.

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