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Martifur 100mg

Martifur 100mg
Martifur 100mg
Active Ingredients
Generic Brand for
100 mg
Manufacture by
Walter Bushnell
Tablets in Blister
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Product Description

What is Martifur 100mg Tablet?

Martifur 100mg is an anti-bacterial drug that helps to eliminate bacteria. It treats and prevents bacterial infection of the bladder, kidney, and urinary tract. A urinary tract infection (UTI) can appear in any part of the urinary system due to bacteria. It may cause disease in the kidney, ureters, bladder, and urethra. UTI generally affects the lower urinary tract, like the bladder or urethra. Martifur 100mg containing nitrofurantoin kills the bacteria and clear-ups the infection. As a prescription drug, take it in the suggested dose and duration to fight the disease. Being an antibiotic, Martifur 100mg does not work against viral infections. 

Manufacturer of Martifur 100mg

Walter Bushnell is a leading pharmaceutical company that produces Martifur 100mg tablet. The drug is a generic version of Macrodantin and contains nitrofurantoin as its prime component. Now you can buy Martifur 100mg at the best price from our reputed online drugstore. 

How does Martifur 100 work? 

Martifur 100mg contains nitrofurantoin as its prime component. It is a broad range of antibiotics that help to fight against various types of harmful bacteria. The drug kills them by entering their cells and damaging their genetic material. Thus it prevents their multiplications and treats the infection very well.

How to take Martifur 100mg tablet?

Take Martifur tablet in a specific dose and duration as instructed by your doctor or physician. You may need to take it with food, and this will help avoid nausea which is its common side effect. As an oral medication, swallow a Martifur 100mg tablet with a glass of water and not chew or break it.

Take Martifur tablet at the same time regularly and complete your treatment course. Keep taking it as long as prescribed for you without skipping or missing any dose. The treatment should be continued even if your symptoms improve earlier. Do not stop taking it too early; the infection may return if the bacteria survive. 

Side effects

Along with medical benefits, Martifur 100mg may produce some common side effects. If any of them persist or make you worry, then please seek immediate doctor advice. Martifur 100mg tablet may turn your urine color into dark yellow or brown. It is normal, and one does not get worried about it. Here are the side effects that it may include-

  • Skin rash
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive gas in the stomach
  • Drowsiness
  • Fever and chills
  • Burning or tingling sensation 

Precaution and Safety Advice

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol while having treatment with Martifur 100mg tablet.
  • Do not take Martifur 100mg if you have an allergy to nitrofurantoin or any other inactive ingredient.
  • Use Martifur 100mg tablet with caution in patients with kidney disease or disorder.
  • Do not start taking Martifur 100mg without consulting your doctor for its use, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or suffering from any other disease. 
  • After taking Martifur 100mg, if you feel dizzy or drowsy, do not drive. It can affect your vision or may decrease alertness. 

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