Phexin 500 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Cephalexin
  • Brand Name : Keflex
  • Manufacturer Name : GSK India
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About Phexin 500mg Capsules

Phexin 500mg is an antibiotic medicine used to treat bacterial infections. It cures bacterial infections which spread by gram-positive bacteria. There is an active ingredient in Phexin 500mg called cefalexin monohydrate. This medication should not be used for any other infection without consulting a doctor. Available in Different Strengths. The manufacturer of this medicine is GSK ( Glaxo Smithkline).

Medical Benefits

  • Infections of the respiratory tract, lungs, pharyngitis.
  • Urinary tract Infection ( Infection related to the Bladder or Urethra)
  •  Skin or soft tissue infection,
  • Middle ear infections
  • Infection in Bones and Joints
  • How Phexin 500mg works

How does this medication work?

Phexin 500mg is an antibiotic containing cephalexin as the active ingredient. By interfering with the formation of a cell wall, it prevents bacteria from growing. Bacteria are also able to survive and function because of their cell wall. By inhibiting the production of proteins, this drug prevents bacterial growth. As a result, it helps fight bacteria and treat bacterial infections effectively and completely.

Phexin 500 mg: How to take it

Phexin 500mg is prescribed after reviewing a patient's symptoms and type of infection. In addition to age and kidney function, the dosage should be determined by a health care professional. It comes in the form of capsules that should not be crushed or chewed while being consumed. Consume Phexin capsules with water. You should take your medication continuously and regularly as directed by your doctor. Taking two doses of Phexin 500mg at once is not recommended. You should avoid an overdose of this drug as it can cause a number of side effects.

Side effects

Inform your doctor if any of these side effects get worsen or cause heavy difficulty-

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Joint pain, stomach pain, muscle pain
  • Indigestion
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Hypersensitivity problems like skin rashes, itching, facial swelling, and hives.

Phexin 500mg Interaction

Phexin 500mg capsules can interact with other medicines, altering their response. It is mandatory to inform your doctor if you are taking any other medications, OTC drugs, or herbal supplements.

Gout medications can interact with Phexin 500mg. The interaction between antibiotics such as Gentamycin, and Streptomycin. Diuretic Furosemide, which is a water pill, can increase the risk of kidney disease.

Some Warnings and safety advice related to Phexin 500mg-

Patients with stomach or bowel problems should be cautious. Any other health problems, such as blood clotting problems, or diseases related to the kidney or liver.

Do not take Phexin 500mg if you have an allergy to cefalexin monohydrate or any other inactive ingredient of this medicine. This medicine can reduce platelet counts, so do not use equipment that can cause injury or bruising. You should avoid drinking alcohol when using this drug.

Incomplete treatment can result in bacterial reinfection.

In case of any other super-infection, worsening side effects, an overdose of the drug, or allergy, let your doctor know right away.

Where to buy Phexin 500mg Capsules?

Phexin 500mg capsules can be purchased on the internet at a cheap price as compared to offline stores. Phexin 500mg medicine should be purchased from a reputed online pharmacy that deals with genuine health supplements and medicines.

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