Progynova 2mg

Progynova 2mg
Progynova 2mg
Active Ingredients
Estradiol valerate
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German Remedies
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Product Description

What are Progynova 2mg Tablets?

Progynova 2mg Tablets is an oral generic medication from German Remedies that provides natural estrogen to women who have either attained menopause or undergone surgical treatment of ovarian removal. Estradiol valerate 2mg Tablets is a principal female hormone necessary for various important functions in the body such as breast development and menstruation cycle.

The medication, by providing estrogen, treats post-menopausal medical conditions such as sleeplessness, hot flashes, vaginal discharge, and bleeding, and behavioral changes. Besides this, the medication is indicated for osteoporosis (post-menopausal bone loss) and estrogen component for trans-genders.

Estradiol valerate 2mg Tablets Working

Estradiol valerate 2mg provides the body with Estrogen, an important female hormone that regulates breast developments, menstruation cycles, and several other functions. Estrogen is not produced in women who have attained menopause, have suffered an ovarian failure, or have undergone any surgery of ovarian removal.

The medication prevents the occurrence of postmenopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and behavioral changes.

Estradiol valerate 2mg Tablets Dose

Estradiol valerate 2mg is an orally administered drug to be taken just once every day at the same time. Keep monitoring the effect of this drug on your body and self-check your breasts for lumps while on this medication. If the first treatment gets over, another one can be resumed only under the doctor's supervision.

The first dose of Progynova 2mg may be taken on the fifth day of the menstrual cycle. In the case of no menstruation, start using Estradiol valerate any day.

Estradiol valerate 2mg Tablets Side Effects

Extended use of Estradiol valerate 2mg can increase the risk of heart stroke, breast / uterine cancer, endometrial cancer, and vein thrombosis.

Other noticed side-effects are vaginal itching and bleeding, diarrhea, nausea, chills, headache, tiredness, backache, weight changes, breast lumps and pain, menstruation problems, and abdominal pain.

Progynova 2mg Tablets Buying Details

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