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Pyzina 500mg

Pyzina 500 mg
Pyzina 500 mg
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Product Description

What is Pyzina 500mg Tablet?

As an antibiotic, Pyzina 500mg is a class of anti-tuberculosis drugs. It helps treat Tuberculosis, an infectious disease that affects the lungs. In some cases, the infection may also affect other body parts. It can spread to the body parts like kidneys, brain, spine, and bone marrow. By killing the causative bacteria, it prevents the infection from spreading. As a prescription drug, you must take this medicine under the supervision of a doctor. Note- Pyzina 500mg tablet does not work against viral infection and common flu caused by them.

Uses of Pyzina 500mg tablets


How does it work?

Pyzina tablets contain Pyrazinamide which is an antitubercular agent. After an intake, it gets converted into Pyrazinoic acid. Pyrazinoic acid works by inhibiting fatty acid synthase I, A bacterial enzyme. This enzyme is essential for the growth of bacteria. Thus, the drug works as a bacteriocidal and prohibits the growth of bacteria. Through this mechanism, the drug helps in the treatment of Tuberculosis.

How to take Pyzina 500mg tablet?

Take the Pyzina tablet in the advised dose and duration and only after a valid prescription. If your doctor prescribes you a 250mg dose, take it orally with a glass of water. Refrain from chewing or crushing the tablet while taking and swallowing it whole in one go. You can take the Pyzina tablet with or without food, But make sure to take it at fixed intervals. Please continue to take it as long as prescribed to ensure the infection's complete treatment. Earlier stopping the medicine can remain the infection untreated, which may reinfect you. So only skip or miss any dose and take it if you complete your entire course of treatment.

Side effects

Like several other medicines, the Pyzina tablet also includes some common side effects. Usually, they appear in mild nature and get well themselves soon. If they persist or get serious, you should consult a medical expert. Pyzina 500 mg tablets may cause side effects such as-.

  • Tiredness or weakness
  • Itching
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Yellow coloured eyes and skin
  • Loss of appetite
  • Photosensitivity
  • Joint pain
  • Skin rash

Precautions and Safety advice

  • Do not any dose of Pyzina 500mg if you have an allergy to its active ingredient, Pyrazinamide.
  • The use of alcohol is not safe while taking Pyzina 500mg tablets.
  • Pyzina 500mg tablets can be unsafe during pregnancy. Do not take them unless necessary, and please consult a doctor before you take them.
  • Intake of Pyzina 500mg can alter the ability to drive or work that requires alertness. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery if your ability is affected by the drug.
  • If you have liver or kidney disease, Then you should use Pyzina tablets with caution. You may also need dose adjustment, so please speak to your doctor before you take any dose.

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