Izra 40 Mg

Izra 40 Mg
Izra 40 Mg
Active Ingredients
Esomeprazole Magnesium
Generic Brand for
40 mg
Manufacture by
Unichem Laboratories, India
Tablets in Blister
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30 Tablets $0.30 $0.30
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Product Description

 Izra 40mg (Esomeprazole) - Dosage and Uses

Izra 40mg is indicated to maintain symptoms, resolution, and healing of erosive esophagitis. Izra 40mg contains esomeprazole is an active ingredient which belongs to a group of drug known as proton pump inhibitors, which helps to block the action that produces excessive acid production in the stomach. This medicine provides relief in the symptoms like heartburn and other associated problems caused by gastroesophageal reflux disorder.

Izra 40mg use in Following Treatment

Gastroesophageal Reflux disease

Erosive esophagitis

Zollinger-Ellison syndrome

Helicobacter pylori infection

Other in some other forms of ulcers


How do Izra 40mg work?

Izra 40mg capsules belonging to the group of proton pump inhibitors which contains esomeprazole as an active ingredient works by blocking the proton pumps which are present in the stomach’s cells that are responsible for acid production. when the excessive amount of acid is produced it brings problems with liver erosive esophagitis, and other symptoms caused by GERD. But when the drug blocks the proton pump, it results in less production of acid and treats the following symptoms.


Dosage indication

The dosage of this drug is decided by a doctor which is based on your age, the severity of the condition, medical history, and also depends on your body reaction after taking this drug. Izra 40mg is orally taken by mouth, use a glass of water to swallow the capsules, and do not crush or chew while intake of this drug. The dosa of the drug can be taken with or without food but take after 30minutes, you have your meal.

The medication of this drug is generally prescribed for 4 to 8 weeks of the treatment course, where it should be consumed regularly in the exact amount which is prescribed for you.

Missed dose-The missed dose should be consumed as soon as possible. The missed dose should be avoided when it almost time for the next scheduled dose.

Overdose- Avoid the use of a higher dose of the drug without a prescription and if you suspect an overdose or adverse effects such as confusion, blurred vision, dry mouth and throat, headache, or drowsiness you must contact a doctor soon.

Note-It should be kept in mind that Izra 40mg is processed by the liver and if you are suffering from a chronic liver disorder then maybe your body will be unable to process it, so inform a doctor if you're suffering from an earlier health issue. avoid if you have an allergy to Izra 40mg or from its ingredients.


Side effects



Stomach pain

Servers diarrhea

Skin rashes


Excessive gas problem


Unusual weakness and tiredness

Decreased appetite



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