Allergy Medicines

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Are you allergic to certain food items or the dryness in the air cause you allergic reaction? If yes, then don’t worry because at this online pharmacy you will come to know about allergy, its causes, symptoms, and medicines. Before you come to know about Allergy Medicines, it is important for you to what actually is allergy.


Alerid 10mg
Cetirizine Hcl
Cetcip-L 5mg
Levocetirizine dihydrochloride
Ciplactin 4mg
Cyproheptadine HCL
Deslor - 5mg
Elocon Cream
Mometasone Furoate
Flixonase Nasal spray
Fluticasone Propionate
Flomist Nasal Spray
Fluticasone Propionate
Furamist Nasal Spray
Fluticasone Furoate
Hisone - 20mg
Hisone - 5mg
Kenacort 0.1% Paste
Triamcinolone Acetonide
Montair 10mg
Montelukast Sodium
Montair Chewable 5mg
Montelukast Sodium
Montair LC Kid
Montelukast + Levocetrazine
Montair Plus
Montelukast +Bambuterol
Seroflo Inhaler 125