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Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's medications, such as donepezil, rivastigmine, and memantine, aim to ease cognitive symptoms and slow disease progression. These drugs help to improve memory and thinking. Read to know more about these medications.

Medicines use in Alzheimer's Treatment.

Alzheimer's is a type of progressive disease that destroys memory and affects thinking, behaviour or other critical mental functions. Thus, these symptoms eventually grow severe enough to interfere with daily life tasks, and with time, it makes it difficult for you to carry out even the simplest tasks. Behind this process, brain cells connect, and the cells themselves degenerate and die, destroying memory and other mental functions. Most of the people who have Alzheimer's disease are 65 or older.

With time, this health condition worsens, so it is essential to get quick medical attention to prevent the symptoms related to Alzheimer's disease. In the initial stages, people only suffer from mild memory loss. However, in the later stages, people lose their ability to converse and reply to their environment.

Symptoms that people may experience Alzheimer's disease

Memory loss and confusion are the main symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

  •  Cognitive- Difficulty thinking and understanding, confusion in the evening, difficulty concentrating, inability to remember or recognize familiar things, forgetfulness, mental decline or confusion, delusions, and failure to do simple maths solutions.  
  • Behavioural symptoms- Aggression, difficulty with self-care, meaningless repetition of own words, irritability, changes in personality, lack of restraint, and wandering a lot or getting lost. 
  • Mood- Anger, mood swings, apathy, general discontent, or loneliness.
  • Psychological symptoms- Depression, hallucination, or paranoia
  • Also, an inability to combine muscle movements, jumbled speech, or loss of appetite can be seen.

Why Alzheimer's treatment is Important?

Alzheimer's is also a severe health issue that gradually affects our brain and can make our lives complicated with its symptoms. We know that there is no cure for this disease, but we can prevent these symptoms with Alzheimer's medication. These medicines slow down the progression of the disease and gradually enhance the quality of our lives. But Diet for Alzheimer's disease is essential.

For many patients, Alzheimer's treatment can be expensive and unaffordable due to its long-term treatment course and medication price. Still, you can buy Alzheimer's medicines, which are also available at a cheap and pocket-friendly price online from some of the reputed online pharmacies in India; Refillonlinepharmacy is one of them.

Here, you will find different types of effective Alzheimer's medicines, which are mainly recommended & prescribed by doctors and sourced from the leading pharmaceuticals after extensive research, which decreases the symptoms and effectively controls behavioural problems.  

Some of the medicines offered for Alzheimer's treatment include- 

Memantine Tablets

Admenta (Memantine tablet) is an effective medicine that successfully treats Alzheimer's disease. You should know that it does not cure Alzheimer's disease. Still, it helps slow down the development of moderate to severe Alzheimer's by improving memory, awareness, and ability to perform daily functions.

The medication works by blocking the action of a chemical messenger responsible for transmitting nerve signals in the brain. By the use of this medication, you can easily prevent memory loss and other symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Use this medicine under your doctor's supervision and take it regularly to get the most benefits of it and get quick results.

Donamem Tablets

Donamem tablet is a prescription medicine that is used in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. This tablet can be used in mild or severe stages of Alzheimer's disease, which slows down its progression and improves memory and thinking. This medicine is a combination of two drugs, including Donepezil and Memantine. Both drugs treat Alzheimer's disease in the short term by balancing the chemical messenger involved in transmitting the nerve signals. Donamem tablet does not cure Alzheimer's disease, but it improves the symptoms of the disease and delays disease progression. Keep the medicine regularly under your doctor's prescription to get quick results and benefits. 

Donepezil Tablets

Donepezil tablets are effective in treating mild to moderate dementia in Alzheimer's disease. This medication enhances your awareness, memory, and other symptoms by blocking an enzyme that works by restoring the balance of the natural substances(neurotransmitters) in the brain, which is also responsible for Alzheimer's symptoms and increases the amount of acetylcholine and assists your brain cells to communicate effectively. This medication is generally prescribed by a doctor, depending upon your condition. Always take the correct dose of this tablet as recommended to you regularly to get quick results. 

Rivamer Tablets

Rivamer tablets are also used to treat mild to severe dementia in Alzheimer's disease. Using these capsules can improve awareness, memory, and other symptoms. It is also used in dementia-associated Parkinson's disease, but it is not a cure for Alzheimer's disease. Do not stop taking the medicine until your doctor tells you to stop. Always take the correct dose of this tablet as recommended regularly to get a quick result. 

Inform your doctor or pharmacist If you are allergic to any of these drugs; they may suggest another alternative for the treatment. Do not drink alcohol while consuming Alzheimer's medication. Consult your doctor about the use of Alzheimer's medication if you are pregnant or planning for it. Use this medication regularly at the scheduled time, with the correct dose as directed by your doctor.