Cabgolin 0.5mg

Cabgolin 0.5mg
Cabgolin 0.5mg
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Product Description

Cabgolin 0.5mg ( Cabergoline) - Dosage and Uses

Cabgolin 0.5mg tablets are used for the treatment of a high level of production of a natural hormone called prolactin. The excess production of this hormone is due to unknown causes or abnormal growth in the pituitary, where this medication works by preventing infertility, helpful in stopping breast milk production in cases of stillbirth, abortion, and bone loss caused due to excessive prolactin production in men and in women who are not breastfeeding. This medicine is also used as second-line therapy in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease along with other medicines.

How does it work?

Cabgolin 0.5mg tablets contain cabergoline as an active ingredient which is a long-lasting dopamine D2 receptor agonist and it is an activator for pituitary lactotroph cells, which is also known as prolactin cells.

The medicine works by bringing a decrease in serum prolactin levels and it normalizes it after a few weeks of its medication which helps to treat the following symptoms and associated diseases effectively.

Dosage Indication

Cabgolin 0.5mg tablets should be consumed with food and you should use it at the same scheduled time regularly to get the most benefit. This medicine should be used only after a doctor's prescription where its dosage must be properly followed without disturbing its amount.

During its consumption swallow, A tablet with a glass of water without crushing or chewing. Do not take two doses of this medicine at the same time and never consumed an overdose. The treatment of this drug is usually prescribed for a long time and must be used regularly until you complete your full medication course and never stop its use at midway without the advice of a doctor.

If you have an allergic reaction from inactive ingredients of this drug you should not use it and also inform your doctor about any other drugs being used by you for other health issues.

Side effects

Swelling of ankles or feet’s

Less urination


Breast pain


Vomiting and nausea

vision disturbance

Painful mensuration


The burning, tingling sensation of hands and feet’s

These are some side effects that can be seen during the use of Cabgolin 0.5% tablets which usually do not requires any medicinal attention but if any of these side effects gets worsen, then you should contact a health care expert soon.


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