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Fincar 5mg

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Fincar 5mg
Fincar 5mg
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Fincar 5mg (Finasteride) - Use

Fincar 5mg tablets are used in men for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia which is an age-associated disorder that causes the enlargement of the prostate gland and brings symptoms like difficulty during urination, need to go more often for urination, or may also make the urine flow slower or can even block it completely if not treated at the earlier stages. The medication helps to shrink the enlarged prostate gland and bring the relaxation of the muscles around the bladder and prostate which allows passing urine easily by preventing the associated symptoms.


How does it work?

Fincar 5mg tablet contains finasteride as an active ingredient which belongs to a group of drugs called 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. The medicine works by blocking an enzyme that is necessary to change the testosterone to be converted into another hormone that is responsible for the growth of the prostate. As a result, the drug stops the production of that particular hormone and helps to shrink the prostate gland and relaxes the smooth muscles present around the urinary bladder and prostate, and relives the associated symptoms.


Dosage Indication-

The Fincar tablet is taken orally with or without food. The medication of this drug must be consumed in the dose and fixed duration as instructed by a doctor. An overdose of the drug may cause harm to your health and do not use two doses of this drug at the same time. The medication can take a few weeks to act upon the symptoms and to show the improvement where its use must be done regularly without missing or skipping any dose. The course of the treatment should be completed and must inform your doctor before you stop its medication.

Before you get prescribed Fincar medication you must inform your doctor about your earlier health problems, or about medicines used under them, where their interaction with this drug can bring adverse effects during the treatment.


Side effects-

Server allergic reactions

Pain in testicles

Decrease sex drive

Problem during ejaculation

Fast heartbeats


Body aches


These are some side effects of Fincar 5mg tablets which may need medical attention if you observe worsening of these side effects and contact a doctor soon.


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