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Fincar 5mg

Fincar 5mg tablets Contain finasteride which is used to treat enlarged prostate and hair loss problems in Men. Take one tablet once a day. Always consult with a doctor before using this medicine.

Fincar 5mg
Fincar 5mg
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Product Description

Fincar 5 mg (Finasteride) - Drug Information

Fincar 5mg tablets help treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It is an age-associated disorder that causes the enlargement of the prostate gland.

Fincar 5mg pill holds Finasteride as a prime ingredient, a generîc variant of the brand drug Proscar.

BPH causes symptoms like difficulty in urinating and frequent urination. If not treated earlier, the issue may lead to complete urine blockage in some people.

Taking Fincar help ease urine flow and other symptoms associated with BPH.

Fincar 5mg also treats Hair loss, and male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia.

It's a common type of hair loss condition caused in males, which includes a gradual thing of the hairs on the topmost head. Finasteride is used only under professional medical advice for following medical conditions. 

Cipla (India), a leading pharmaceutical company, manufactures Fincar 5mg tablets.

Medical Uses

Here are some medical conditions in which the Fincar 5mg tablet helps to improve the symptoms of these conditions. It includes-

Male pattern hair loss

  • Androgenetic Alopecia is a condition that results in hair loss and eventually leads to baldness.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia

  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a condition in which the Prostate grows larger with age. It can cause difficulty in urinating and may not be cancerous.

About Finasteride

Finasteride decreases the size of the enlarged Prostate. This medicine loosens the muscles around the bladder & Prostate. Thus, it allows easy passing of urine and prevents the associated symptoms.

Fincar 5mg tablet is also helpful in treating common hereditary hair loss. It stops further hair fall and helps in regrowth by managing hormones in the body. It reduces the body's levels of dihydrotestosterone. It prevents testosterone from being converted into DHT and promotes hair growth. Take the drug according to the prescription provided by your doctor.

Working of the Drug Fincar 5mg (Finasteride)

Fincar 5mg tablet has finasteride as a prime component, 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. The drug blocks an enzyme that helps to change testosterone into another hormone. Due to the hormone prostate starting to grow, it causes difficulty in urination.

As a result, the medicine stops the production of that particular hormone. It helps shrink the prostate gland and relaxes the smooth muscles around the urinary bladder and Prostate.

It brings relief to the symptoms and treats the condition. Finasteride also stimulates hair growth in men and women and treats hair loss. It inhibits the production of a hormone effective for causing baldness and excessive hair fall. Fincar 5mg tablet also helps by increasing hair growth.

Dosage Instructions

Take Fincar 5mg tablet with or without food or as your doctor directs for you. It is recommended that you take it once daily. Follow the exact dose and take it at a fixed duration for better efficiency. To consume Fincar 5mg tablet, swallow it with a glass of water without chewing or breaking it. Broken Finasteride tablets can lead to rapid dissolubility in the blood, which is not good so take it as a whole tablet. Further, consult your doctor about the doses and how you should take them, especially in your case.

Patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia can experience the effects in as little as 6 months. Men with Androgenetic Alopecia can experience the full effects within 3-4 months. The full effects of the medication may take 6-9 months.

Do not take a higher or double dose if not prescribed for you. It may lead to overdosing on the drug, which can harm your health by causing common side effects.

Avoid consuming a higher dose of Fincar tablet than the recommended one. It may also cause overdose symptoms and lead to adverse side effects of the drug on the body. Would you please consult a doctor if you suspect an overdose or take a double dose?

Side effects of Fincar 5mg

  • Problem during ejaculation
  • Fast heartbeats
  • Body aches
  • Depression
  • Abnormal ejaculation
  • Server allergic reactions
  • Pain in testicles
  • Decrease sex drive

Fincar 5 mg tablet comes with several warnings like any other drug, which can cause a severe allergic reaction. It may also cause some major&minor side effects in patients that can bother them.

Finasteride tablets may cause Erectile dysfunction in Men. These are side effects of Fincar 5mg tablets which may need medical attention if they get serious. Suppose you observe a worsening of these side effects, then consult your doctor immediately as soon as possible.

Drug Interactions for Fincar 5 mg ( Finasteride)

Few drugs can interact with Fincar 5mg and produce adverse side effects. However, the drugs interact differently in each person, so for some, it can be too serious, which can be dangerous. The mixing may change the drug's working or lead to other health complications. Also, if you suspect any drug interaction while taking different drugs simultaneously, please inform your doctor immediately. Inform your doctor about other medications, medical history, food supplements, etc., that you take.

Precaution and Safety Advice

  • Patients allergic to Finasteride should not take any Fincar 5mg tablet dose.
  • Do not consume alcohol with Fincar 5mg as it may reduce its effectiveness.
  • Take Fincar 5mg tablet with caution if you have severe liver disease or disorder.
  • Fincar 5mg tablet is not for use in women as it can be harmful to an unborn child if pregnant.
  • Do not consume Finasteride tablets for Prostate Cancer.


Can I use Minoxidil with Fincar 5 mg tablet?

Minoxidil promotes the growth of hair and increases hair thickness. Minoxidil slows hair loss by increasing blood flow. Combining both of these medicines is more effective.

Do you need Fincar every day?

You should take only one tablet of Fincar 5 mg a day.  

Can I take Fincar 5mg tablet for Prostate Cancer?

Taking Finasteride can lead to an increase in the risk of developing high-grade Prostate cancer. Please consult your doctor before you have any similar medical conditions where the use of Fincar 5mg is contradicted.

Is it safe to have sexual intercourse while taking Finasteride tablets?

No, it can be unsafe to have sexual intercourse while a man takes Fincar 5mg tablets. The study has found that Finasteride can be found in the semen of males who take Fincar 5mg tablets. If your partner is pregnant, it can harm the fetus and result in congenital disabilities and other complications. Take precautions like using a condom while having sexual intercourse and consult your doctor to know more.

Fincar vs. Propecia

Fincar is the generic name for Finasteride. Fincar and Propecia are similar in that they contain the same vital ingredient. Fincar is cheaper than any brand on the market, i.e., Propecia.

Does Fincar 5 mg tablet affect male fertility?

Fincar 5 mg tablets can affect male fertility and cause mild sexual side effects. The tablet can bring low sexual desire, and if you plan to become a father, please consult your doctor.

Does Finasteride increase estrogen?

Taking Finasteride can increase testosterone levels, which are aromatized with estrogens. Finasteride can shift the hormonal balance to estrogen excess in older males. This is not the case for young or middle-aged males.

Storage and Disposal of Fincar 5mg

Store Fincar 5mg tablets at room temperature in a cool and dry place, protecting them from moisture and heat. Keep the tablets away from the reach and sight of children and pets at home. Do not consume expired or damaged medicine, and dispose of unwanted and unused drugs with the help of a local pharmacist.

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