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Fincar 5mg
Fincar 5mg
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Fincar 5mg (Finasteride) - Drug Information

Fincar 5mg tablets help treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and prevent its symptoms in men. It is an age-associated disorder that causes the enlargement of the prostate gland. It causes symptoms like difficulty in urinating, frequent urination, or making the urine flow slower. If not treated earlier, the issue may lead to complete urine blockage in some people. The medicine helps shrink the enlarged prostate gland and loosen the muscles around the bladder and prostate. Thus, it allows easy passing of urine and prevents the associated symptoms. 

Fincar 5mg tablet is also helpful in treating common hereditary hair loss. It stops further hair fall and helps in regrowth by managing hormones in the body. Take the drug according to the prescription provided by your doctor or medical expert.

 Manufacturers of Fincar 5mg tablet

Cipla (India), a leading pharmaceutical company, manufactures Fincar 5mg tablets. Fincar 5mg pill holds finasteride as a prime ingredient, a generîc variant of the brand drug Proscar. The drug is also available at some reputable online pharmacies include using it at the best price. 

 How does Finasteride 5mg work in Hair Growth?

Fincar 5mg tablet has finasteride as a prime component, 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. The drug blocks an enzyme that helps to change testosterone into another hormone. Due to the hormone prostate starts to grow, and it causes difficulty in urination. As a result, the medicine stops the production of that particular hormone. It helps shrink the prostate gland and relaxes the smooth muscles around the urinary bladder and prostate.

It brings relief to the symptoms and treats the condition effectively. Finasteride also stimulates hair growth in men and women and treats hair loss. It inhibits the production of a hormone effective for causing baldness and excessive hair fall. Fincar 5mg tablet also helps by increasing hair growth.

 Fincar 5mg Dosage Instructions

Take Fincar 5mg tablet with or without food or as your doctor directs for you. Follow the exact dose and take it at a fixed duration regularly for better efficiency. To consume Fincar 5mg tablet, swallow it with a glass of water without chewing or breaking it. Do not take a higher or double dose simultaneously, mainly if not prescribed for you. It may lead to overdosing on the drug that can harm your health by causing common side effects.

The medication can take a few weeks to act upon the symptoms and show improvement. It would help if you kept bringing it regularly without missing or skipping any of its doses. Finish the entire treatment course and inform your doctor before you stop taking Fincar. 

 Before taking Fincar 5mg, let your doctor know about your earlier health problems. Also, inform them about the medicines which you are taking under them. It will help them avoid the prescription that may cause drug interaction in the future. If you have any doubt about the medicine, please ask your doctor and follow every instruction. 

 Overdose of Fincar 5mg

Avoid consuming a higher dose of Fincar tablet more than the recommended one. It may also overdose symptoms and lead to adverse side effects of the drug on the body. Would you please consult a doctor if you suspect an overdose or mistakenly take a double dose? 

Side effects of Fincar 5mg

  • Server allergic reactions
  • Pain in testicles
  • Decrease sex drive
  • Problem during ejaculation
  • Fast heartbeats
  • Impotence
  • Body aches
  • Depression

These are side effects of Fincar 5mg tablets which may need medical attention if they get serious. Suppose you observe worsening of these side effects and contact a doctor soon.

Drug Interactions for Fincar ( Finasteride)

Few drugs can interact with Fincar 5mg and produce adverse side effects. The mixing may modify the drug's working or lead to other health complications. Inform your doctor about other medications, food supplements, etc., that you take. 

These are some medications that may include interacting with Fincar 5mg

 Here are some medical conditions that may cause interaction with the medicine.

Urinary tract obstruction

Precaution and Safety Advice

  • Patients allergic to finasteride should not take any dose of Fincar 5mg tablet.
  •  Do not consume alcohol with Fincar 5mg as it may reduce its effectiveness.
  •  You stop taking Fincar 5mg tablet if you are going for prostate-specific antigen assay.
  •  Take Fincar 5mg tablet with caution if you have severe liver disease or disorder. Please consult a doctor and inform them about your health condition before taking it.
  •  Do not drive or operate heavy machinery if you encounter that your ability is affected by the drug.
  •  Fincar 5mg tablet is not for use in women as it can be harmful to an unborn child if pregnant.

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