Oxcarb -300mg

Oxcarb -300mg
Oxcarb -300mg
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Product Description

What is Oxcarb 300mg?
Oxcarbazepine 300mg belongs to the group of drugs called anticonvulsants. Oxcarbazepine is used to treat partial epileptic seizures in children and adults. Oscar is employed in the form of therapy for treating partial seizures in adults and in children.

Oxcarbazepine 300mg-Important Information
If you are allergic to Oxcarbazepine 300mg or any such drug then consult a doctor. Tell your doctor if you have any kidney, liver, or any other serious disease. It is recommended to consult your doctor if you are using ant birth control pills.

How Oxcarbazepine 300mg works?
This Drug taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor works efficiently. It should be taken for the prescribed length of time. Avoid missing any dose for proper treatment. Do not take larger or smaller amounts or for longer than the recommended dose.

Oxcarbazepine 300mg-Side Effects
Some common side effects like blurred vision, cough, fever, dizziness, mental depression, or some uncommon effects like agitation, bloody and decreased urine, skin rashes, tightness in the chest, and other symptoms may occur. The doctor should be consulted if any symptom persists.

Where to find Oxcarb 300mg?
You may get Oxcarb 300mg drug online at any reputed drug store with attractive offers.
You may avail of discounts and free delivery too.

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