Cutisoft Cream - 1%

Cutisoft Cream - 1%
Cutisoft Cream - 1%
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Innova (Ipca)
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Product Description

Cutisoft Cream 1% - Product Description

As a topical steroid, Cutisoft Cream 1% helps to treat mild to moderate inflammatory skin disorders. It helps in treating various types of skin conditions, including Eczema. During Eczema, patches appear on our skin, and they get inflamed, red, itchy, rough, and cracked. But using Cutisoft Cream 1% may treat inflammation and itching caused by Eczema. Cutisoft Cream is also prescribed during other inflammatory conditions and skin allergies.

Manufacturer of Cutisoft Cream 1%

IPCA (India) is a leading pharmaceutical company that manufactures Cutisoft Cream 1%. It includes Hydrocortisone which is a generic version of the brand drug - Cortifoam. Cutisoft Cream 1% is available at the leading pharmacies, online drugstores. You can also buy it from our online store at a cheap and cost-effective price.

How does it work?

Cutisoft Cream 1% contains Hydrocortisone as the main component, which is a topical steroid. It acts by blocking the production of certain chemical messengers that causes inflammation. By reducing their formation, it treats symptoms that cause skin red, swollen, and itchy.

How to use it?

Cutisoft Cream 1% is for external use only and used when a dermatologist prescribes it for you. Before you use it:

1.Read all the usage instructions given on the packaging unit.

2.Clean the affected area with water and apply the Cream after making it dry.

3.Use a small amount of medicine that covers a thin layer of your skin.

4.Do apply more than sufficient and avoid an over apply.

5.Use it regularly to reach the maximum benefit from it.

6.Avoid covering the affected area with airtight dressings such as bandages.

Wash your Properly hands after applying the cream, unless your hands are the area which is being treated.

Apply a missed dose as soon as you remember it and avoid it when the time reaches for the next application. Please do not use it in a higher amount to make up for a missed dose, and consult your doctor for more information.


Side Effects

It usually has mild side effects that appear only in few cases. Most side effects do not need medical care and disappear when your skin adjusts to the medicine. However, these are some side effects that people may experience at the application site. It may include-

Burning or tingling sensation on the skin

Stretch marks

Swelling, itching at the application site

Redness of the skin


Precaution and Safety While Using

Avoid contact with Cutisoft Cream 1% with your eyes, nose, mouth. Rinse it off with water immediately if it accidentally happens.

Do not apply Hydrocortisone cream on open wounds, damaged or broken skin parts, and cuts.

Using Cutisoft Cream 1% with any other medicines can cause some undesirable effects. So it will be better to tell your dermatologist about all other products that you have been using.

Patients having an allergy to Hydrocortisone should not apply it to their skin. Instead, consult with your doctor and also inform them if you have any history of allergy.

Please consult your doctor about the use of Cutisoft Cream during breastfeeding or pregnancy.

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