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Bactroban 5gm

Bactroban 5gm
Bactroban 5gm
Active Ingredients
Generic Brand for
Bactobran 2
5 mg
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Tube Pack
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Shipping Origin India
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Product Description

What Bactroban Ointment?

The Bactroban Ointment is an antibiotic applied to the skin that aids in treating skin-related infections. It's utilized to treat ailments such as impetigo(known by red sores), recurring boils, and other ailments. The medicines eliminate the bacteria that reside within the infected region and can treat the condition effectively.

What is the function of Bactroban?

Bactroban is an antibiotic that effectively kills the bacteria responsible for a variety of skin infections. The medicine inhibits the production of proteins essential to life that are the primary ingredient needed by bacteria to reproduce or survive. Thus, it stops the spread of bacteria to the area of infection and treats the disease effectively. In addition, it reduces the risk of skin irritation and prevents further infections.

How do I use BactrobanOintment?

Bactroban Ointment is available in the form of thick liquid cream. It is intended for external use only, and it is advised to apply this medication in the evening. The medicine should be taken according to the instructions of your physician and applied in a quantity of it to apply a thin layer of it to the area affected by the skin. Avoid applying two coats of it. Before applying it, make sure you are clean and dry the affected region. You can get an idea about how to apply it by studying the medicine label. You can also ask your physician if you have any concerns regarding the application.

Side Effects

Bactroban Ointment may cause typical side effects that don't require medical treatment and are gone once you've gotten used to its use.

  • Skin redness
  • Itching
  • Skin eruptions
  • Burning irritation

Be careful not to be in direct contact with radiations of sunlight following the application of this medication, as it could cause unpleasant reactions from the drug to the skin.


Make use of this medicine with the guidance of a doctor and follow the directions for use with strict adherence to achieve more effective results. Avoid applying this medicine to open wounds. Do not use it if you are allergic to mupirocin or any other active ingredient in this medicine. This medication is not recommended to be used during pregnant women or breastfeeding in the absence of a need for it and is only used under the supervision of your doctor.

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