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Imatib 400mg

Imatib 400mg
Imatib 400mg
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400 mg
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Product Description

Imatib-Drug Information
Imatinib is prescribed to treat certain tumors of the stomach and digestive system, certain kinds of leukemia (blood cancer), bone marrow disorders, and skin cancer. Imatinib helps treat the condition by interfering with the growth of some cancer cells. It is not a cure for cancer.
It is only a temporary solution to relieve the condition.

Imatinib-Points to be Noted
Contact your health care provides instantly if you are unusually bleeding. It can lower the cells in your blood that help your body fight infection and aid in the clotting of blood. This over-the-counter drug may also affect your liver negatively. Inform your doctor if you have clay-colored stools, dark urine upper stomach pain, jaundice, or loss of appetite.

Imatinib-Dosing Information
Take Imatinib precisely as your doctor tells you to. Take this medicine with a full glass of water. You may dissolve the medicine in water or apple juice to make the swallowing easier and to get 100 % satisfaction guaranteed.
Do not take Imatinib on an empty stomach. Always take this medicine after having a meal.

Imatinib-What are the Side effects?
Stop taking Imatinib and inform your physician right away if you experience lower back pain, blood in your urine, fever, chills, swelling rapid weight gain, feeling short of breath even with mild exertion or numbness or tingly feeling around your mouth.

Where to Buy Imatib?
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