Abamune 300mg

Abamune 300mg
Abamune 300mg
Active Ingredients
Abacavir Sulphate
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300 mg
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Product Description

What is Abamune 300mg?

Abamune 300mg tablet is an anti-retroviral medicine. It helps in treating human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) infection. This drug is not a cure for HIV but it benefits by preventing the multiplication of infection in the body. By controlling HIV infection the drug helps the immune system to work better. You may need to check liver function and blood glucose levels while receiving this drug.  

How does it work?

Abamune 300mg tablet contains Abacavir as an active ingredient. It belongs to a class of medication known as antiretrovirals. The drug helps to prevent the multiplication of the virus in human cells. Thus, it stops the virus from producing new viruses and clears ups the infection. 

Dosage Instruction

Abamune 300mg tablet is a prescription medicine for HIV or AIDS. You may be advised to take this medicine in combination with other HIV medicines. Follow the directed dose and duration to lower the risk of getting HIV infection. Take this medicine with or without food. It is essential to take this medicine regularly at the same time intervals every day. Regular using it will help you to increase the effectiveness of its treatment. Do not stop taking this medicine until advised by your doctor and do not miss or skip any dose.

Side effects

These are some major and minor side effects that Abamune 300mg tablet may include-

Buffalo hump

Nausea and vomiting

Skin rashes

Abdominal pain



Trouble sleeping

Unusual tiredness


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