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Accu Chek Active

Accu Chek Active
Accu Chek Active
Active Ingredients
Accu Chek Active
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Accu Chek Active
50 Test Strips
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50 Test strips 1 Codind Chip $0.78 $0.78

Product Description

Accu Chek Active - For determining the blood sugar levels

Accu Chek Active helps in determining the blood sugar levels in the body. This equipment does not require any manual coding and facilitates hassle-free usage. This kit includes sugar test strips that absorb the blood drop easily and revels reliable results in a few seconds. The kit including strips can be used until the expiration date which is mentioned on the packaging unit. The best thing about these strips is that it helps to determine the fresh glucose level in the blood capillary by reflectance it with the help of photometry technology.

Product specifications and features

These test strips can be used by both type 1 and 2 diabetes patients.

Proven Accuracy-The Accu Chek Active strips help to determine your actual blood sugar level and keep tabs on your diabetes regularly. These strips fulfill the ISO 15197:2013 standard of accuracy and declare accurate results.

Clever functionality-This is a hassle-free product and fastly absorbs the spreading droplet of blood. The system then provides a fast and accurate result during the test.

Easy to use-These strips are designed with a clear protective barrier that runs around the strip and protects it and also makes it easy to use.

Double check-To ensure accurate blood glucose measurements, these Accu Chek active strips also allow you to double-check the displayed result.

Out of Meter Dosing- Accu Chek Active strips outside the meter approximately takes 08 seconds to display the result.

Direction for Use

During its use place a test strip inside the meter, draw a blood drop from the tip of the finger by pricking it with the lancet and then put the blood droplet on the test strip and wait for few seconds for the result. Before you use these strips always check the expiration date on the package and read the instruction carefully given on the leaflet and follow the exact steps to use these Accu Chek Active test strips.

Safety precautions

  • Keep it away from the children's reach
  • Store it in a clean and dry place
  • Avoid any physical damage during its usage
  • Make sure to calibrate your meter every time when you start to use a new box of these test strips
  • Do not squeeze your fingertip too hard when taking out a drop of blood for a sample.
  • Always make sure to wash and dry your hands before and after testing.

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