Flagyl 400mg

Flagyl 400mg
Flagyl 400mg
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Flagyl Tablets
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Product Description

Flagyl 400mg (Metronidazole) - Use as Antiprotozoal

Flagyl 400mg is an antibiotic medicine and antiprotozoal agent that effectively fight against bacteria and parasitic infections. It is used to treat the infection of the liver, intestines, stomach, vagina, lungs, heart, brain, bones, and skin. This medicine makes you feel better quickly by kills harmful bacteria and parasitic. Flagyl tablets are also used for the prophylaxis of sexually transmitted diseases. The medication must be used until the infection is completely treated and it is recommended not to consume alcohol with this medicine.


How does it work?

Flagyl 400mg contains Metronidazole as an active ingredient which belongs to a class of anthelmintics. This drug works by entering into the organism and forms the free radical. Thereby free radicals and the altered molecules are able to interfere with the DNA synthesis and stop the further growth of the organism and result in their death and stop the spreading of infection in the body and treat the infection completely and effectively.


Dosage Indication

Read the medical guidelines provided by your pharmacist or by a doctor for the use of this medicine. Use this tablet in the exact dose and at fixed time intervals as mentioned in your prescription. Flagyl 400mg tablets can be used with or after having a meal. The tablet should be swallowed without crush it or chewing with a glass of water. The amount of the dose may depend on few conditions like age, the severity of symptoms, and the medical condition of a particular patient, so use this drug only after a prescription. Never stop the medication without completing your treatment course. Earlier stopping of the medicine may lead to reinfection or even can get worsen than earlier.

Discuss with a doctor if your condition does not improve or get worsen even after its use. Do not take two doses of Flagyl 400mg at the same time and contact a doctor if you suspect an overdose.


Side Effects

Flagyl 400mg may contain the following side effects, not everyone gets them and only seen in a few patients and should seek medical attention if any of it causes heavy difficulty.

Stomach aches

Dryness of mouth

Swollen or sore younger

Skin reactions


Body aches

White patches inside the mouth

Cold symptoms

Change in taste




Server diarrhea


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