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Aldactone 100mg

Aldactone 100mg
Aldactone 100mg
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Product Description

Aldactone Tablets - Benefits

  • Aldactone Tablets are very useful in the treatment of oedema (fluid retention) in cases of congestive heart failure, liver cirrhosis and nephrotic syndrome due to its diuretic property.
  • It also use to treat when potassium level in your body is low. It reduces the swelling of Water retention which mainly happen in congestive heart failure.
  • If you need good benefits of these Medicines. You should intake with food at the same time each day. Always take food on time or medicine for better sleep. Delay intake can create disturbances because of its diuretic activity. Diuretic pills allow you for urination again and again.
  • Always take this medicine under doctor supervision, to avoid unwanted Side effects or to Avoid trouble.
  • Nausea, vomiting, Dizziness are very most common side effects of this medicine.




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