Sirdalud 2mg

Sirdalud 2mg
Sirdalud 2mg
Active Ingredients
Tizanidine HCl
Generic Brand for
2 mg
Manufacture by
Sun pharma
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Product Description

What is Sirdalud 2mg?

Sirdalud 2mg is a muscle relaxer medicine. It provides relief from the discomfort caused by acute, painful musculoskeletal conditions which include symptoms such as rigidity, tension, stiffness and muscle spasms, etc. This tablet works by blocking the chemical messengers in the brain which are responsible for such associated symptoms and effectively relieve symptoms and improves muscle movement.

Sirdalud 2mg is prescribed for use in-

Cerebral dysfunction

Head injury

Multiple sclerosis

Spinal cord inflammation

And also for the neurological or brain disorders that are associated with muscle stiffness and pain that may respond well by the treatment of Sirdulad 2mg medication.


How does it work?

Sirdulad 2mg is composed of tizanidine which is an active ingredient of this medicine, This drug acts as an a2-adrenergic receptor agonist that functions by increasing the presynaptic inhibition of the motor nerves of the brain and thereby reducing or managing spasticity, it reduces the nerve activity in the spinal cord which helps in controlling muscle movements, where the medicine thus helps in relaxing the muscles and improve muscle movement by preventing the problematic symptoms.


Dosage indication-

Sirdulad 2mg comes as tablets that are orally taken with water and swallow whole without chewing or crushing. This tablet can be taken with or without food but should be used regularly at the same time. The medication of this drug and how often and how long you should use it as generally prescribed by a doctor. If you are advised for long-term use of this drug then you must use it in the exact order as advised for you. During the medication, alcohol consumption is unsafe, and do not drive or operate heavy machinery during the medication, it may cause dizziness. the use of this drug in a larger amount must be avoided and never consume any overdose.

Patients having allergies to its inactive ingredient should not use this medicine and inform your doctor about your earlier health problem before being prescribed for Sirdulad 2mg.


Side Effect-

Shortness of breath

Itching skin

Weight gain

Irregular heartbeat


Unusual tiredness and weakness

Blurred vision

Flu-like symptoms

Chest pain or discomfort

Fever and chills

Weight gain

These are the side effects that Sirdalud 2mg can contain along with its benefits but not everyone gets them and only seen in a few patients who may need medical attention if cause server of these side effects.


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