Suminat 50mg

Suminat 50mg
Suminat 50mg
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Product Description

Suminat 50mg Product Info
Suminat 50mg is an oral branded version of Sumatriptan used for the treatment of migraine headaches and cluster headaches with or without aura (headaches accompanied with sensitivity to light and sound, seeing halos, and nausea). The medication provides relief to the migraine pain that has already started.
It offers no respite from future pains and doesn't decrease the episodes of pain.

Sumatriptan 50mg Working
Suminat 50mg contains Sumatriptan which belongs to the drug category of Triptans Selective Serotonin Receptor Agonist. The medication works by blocking the action of Serotonin substance in the brain area, primarily responsible for the narrowing of brain muscles that leads to pain.

Sumatriptan 50mg Dose
Sumatriptan 50mg must be taken orally with or without food. The adult dosage of Sumatriptan is 50-100 mg, to be repeated once more if the headache comes back within two hours. However, seek medical guidance for knowing the best dosage for you and doses for cluster headaches and nasal migraine.

Sumatriptan 50mg Side Effects
Side effects of Sumatriptan 50mg are chest pain, flushing, low blood pressure, tingling, dizziness, tremors, fatigue, abdominal pain, diarrhea, swallowing problems, muscle cramps, respiration troubles, redness on the face, painful urination and menstruation, hypersensitivity, and fluid retention.

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