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Azee 500 Mg

Azee 500mg is an antibiotic medicine that treats different types of bacterial infections. This medicine belongs to a group of medications known as macrolide antibiotics.

Azee 500 mg
Azee 500 mg
Active Ingredients
Azithromycin Tablets
Generic Brand for
Zithromax Pills
500mg Tablets
Pharmaceutical Salts
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Product Description

About Azee 500 Mg (Azithromycin) Tablets

Azee 500 tablets is an antibiotic medicine that treats different types of bacterial infections.

This medicine belongs to a group of medications known as macrolide antibiotics.

Generic Zithromax tablets are popular to treat conditions like respiratory tract, ear, nose, throat, lungs, skin, and eye in adults and children.

Azee contains Azithromycin as an active ingredient. It works by reducing the number of bacteria by killing them and stopping their further spread.

Azithromycin is also used in typhoid fever and sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea.

Azee 500 Mg tablets benefits

Azee 500 mg tablet is a broad-spectrum antibiotic medicine that benefits in.

Otitis media

Under this condition, Inflammation occurs in the middle ear due to a cold, or sore throat. It can also cause due to respiratory infections. Patients with otitis media can get relief from symptoms With the help of Azee 500mg tablets. 

Tonsillitis or Pharyngitis

To get relief from symptoms of Tonsillitis or pharyngitis, You can take Azee 500mg tablet. It relieves runny nose, difficulty while swallowing, coughing, fever with chills, etc. 

Urethritis and Cervicitis

In this condition, it helps to treat Inflammation of the urethra or cervix. A bacterial infection causes it, and Azee 500mg tablets can help in treating them.

Here are some other diseases that are treated with the help of Azee 500mg tablets

  • Pulmonary Infection
  • Pneumonia
  • Throat Infection
  • Bronchitis
  • Stomach Ulcers
  • Intestinal infection
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea and chlamydia
  • Malaria(useful when you take this medicine with other drugs)

How does the Azee 500 tablet work?

Azee 500 works by reducing the reproductive rate of the bacteria by bringing a decrease in protein. It stops the development and reproductive process in the bacteria.

Thus, this medicine helps to kill bacteria and prevent our body from bacterial infection.

How to take Azithromycin tablets?

Azee 500mg drug comes in the form of tablets. Swallow this Tablet with a glass of water, and do not crush or chew it.

It dosage amount is advised according to the severity of the disease. Take this medicine as advised by your doctor to choose the right dose to treat your symptoms. 

You can Consume this medicine with or without food once a day for 1-5 days. Continuity of this drug is essential to treat your infection completely.

Do not miss any dose of it, and regularly use it at the advised duration and exact amount directed by your doctor. Use this medicine under the doctor's supervision, and do not stop until your doctor advises you to stop. 

Finish the full treatment course. In case if you forget to take any of its doses. Consume it as soon as possible, but if it's almost time for the next dose, you should avoid it. Follow the next scheduled dose and consult your doctor for more information.

You are not advised to take an overdose of this drug if you ou should contact your doctor.

Side Effects of Azithromycin

Azee 500mg tablets can include some side effects. Most of them are common, and some become neutralized when your body gets adjusted to the medication. But, if they persist or cause vital difficulties, you should contact your doctor. 

It includes side effects like-

  • Headache
  • Indigestion
  • Skin rashes and itching
  • Joint pain, muscle pain, or weakness
  • Vomiting

Warning and precaution while using Azee 500mg tablets

  •  Azee tablets can interact with other medicines. So it is important to tell your doctor if you are using any other drug or suffering from an earlier health problem.
  • Use this medicine with caution and only after doctor approval if you have a liver disorder.
  • Avoid its use if you have an allergy to macrolide antibiotics or from its active ingredient. 
  • Do not use alcohol during medication; its consumption can be unsafe with the drug.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or tanning beds, As it can make you sunburn easily. 
  • You can use this medicine during pregnancy or breastfeeding in women when it is necessary to use it. But, Patients should take it only after the doctor's advice.


Is Azee 500mg Tablet Safe?

Yes, it is a safe medicine if used as prescribed doses. It is a prescription drug and follows the advised dose and duration to get the best result. 

Can the use of Azee 500mg Tablet cause diarrhea?

Yes, during its medication, it can cause diarrhea. Azee 500mg tablet is an antibiotic medicine that kills harmful bacteria. It also kills the bacteria present in the stomach or intestine. 

How long does it take Azee 500mg tablets to work?

Azee 500mg tablets start their work a few hours after its administration. You may observe the improvement in the symptoms after a few days. Please do not stop this medicine earlier and use it until you finish the full treatment course. Earlier stopping the medication may bring the infection back or may get worsen.

What if I don't get better?

If you do not observe any improvement in symptoms after 3,4 days of taking Azee 500mg tablet, Consult your doctor. You may also need immediate medical attention if it gets worsen. 

Can I take Azee 500mg tablet at night time?

Yes, You can take it at any time but remember to take it at the same time each day. It is a prescription drug and is usually advised once daily. Azee 500mg tablet is taken under the doctor's supervision, and ask if you have any questions.

What are the Other Strengths Available?

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Azee 250mg

Azithral 500mg

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