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Terms and Conditions

Refill Online Pharmacy, a fully licensed and controlled pharmacy, takes all precautions to strictly abide by the laws and regulations set out in dispensing prescription drugs. By placing the order to your Rx or scripts, you acknowledge and accept these terms regarding the purchase of any prescription medications.
Refill Online Pharmacy can accept or decline any order placed by a Customer at its absolute discretion without liability to you. Our Indian Pharmacy reserves the right, without prior notice, to stop any program or offers or to limit the purchased quantity of any Product/s available on site. Refill Online Pharmacy.com also believes in the complete satisfaction of our Customers for anything you buy on our website. So we have given you a return policy in case there is any fault with the product that you have ordered.

If the Product is Damaged, you may contact us via email. We might request that you return the medications within ten days of receipt to exchange the item with the right one or to refund the charge whilst placing the purchase price of generic medications by way of, for instance, incorrect shipping addresses or incorrect brand names chosen by the customers. Customer care staff is always with you to assist and solve the problems that you have while ordering the medication through telephone or email.

When the client has obtained the order and assessed it with you, the reason, as recorded, is that the client should contact you within 10 to 15 days of getting it. The customer will endure all of the postal expenses on returning the purchase if any incorrect data or details are provided in the order by the client. Proper Investigations are performed to learn the cause of the delay. Should the Customer not receive the purchase within the following five times, then we provide two Approaches to fix the issue. We immediately reship a comparable Purchase or refund the cash to the client.

We admit, and you also agree, that you have fully and accurately disclosed/provided your personal information and personal health information while placing an order and consent for its use by the Refill online Pharmacy and its affiliates. You confirm that you have had a physical examination by a doctor and do not require a physical exam. You understand that all medicines shall be marketed & dispensed by a registered Pharmacist in Refill online Pharmacy or its affiliates.