Admenta 10mg

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  • Generic Name : Memantine
  • Brand Name : Namenda
  • Manufacturer Name : Sun Pharmaceutical
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What is Admenta 10mg Tablet?

Admenta 10mg Tablet is an effective drug to treat Alzheimer's disease. It slow downs its progression and improves memory and the ability to think. The drug can treat both moderate to severe stages of Alzheimer's in individuals. It blocks a chemical messenger involved in transmitting nerve signals in the brain.

The drug effectively manages the symptoms and make it easier for you to carry out your daily activities. It may take several weeks to improve your symptoms, so take it regularly.

Uses of Memantine tablets

Alzheimer's disease

How does it work?

Admenta 10mg tablet contains Memantine, an N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist. In Alzheimer's disease, there is excessive glutamate production in the brain. It is a chemical messenger mediated by the NMDA receptors. In contrast, the drug inhibits NMDA receptors' action and helps regulate glutamate production. Thus it treats symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and prevents memory loss.

How to take Admenta 10mg Tablet?

Your doctor will tell you how and when to take Admenta 10mg tablets. Take this oral pill with or without food or as your doctor suggested. For intake, swallow a tablet with a glass of water without chewing or crushing it. Take the tablet simultaneously each day, as it will help maintain a consistent level of medicine in your blood.

Do not skip or miss any doses during the treatment course; do not stop taking them suddenly. Stopping it earlier may not help you treat your condition, and it may worsen. It is essential to take it as long as advised for you and stop it only when your doctor say you to stop taking it.

Remember you should inform your doctor about your medical history and the medicine you take under them. Inform your doctor if you have a history of seizures, suffer from liver or kidney disease, or have any heart-related problems.

Side effects

Admenta tablets may cause some common side effects rare in people during their first use. It may cause headaches, dizziness, breath shortness, confusion, sleepiness, balance disorder, etc.

Also, it can cause abnormal liver function tests in some consumers. In most cases, you do not need medical care, and these effects soon disappear. But if they persist or bother you, please inform your doctor immediately.

Also, it may cause diarrhea; if this side effect occurs, drink plenty of fluid to keep yourself hydrated.

Precautions and Safety advice

Avoid taking Admenta 10mg tablet if allergic to its active salt Memantine.

Be cautious or avoid drinking while taking Admenta 10mg tablets, as it can be unsafe.

If you are pregnant, you must discuss this with your doctor before you take Memantine tablets. Also, ask whether you should use it or not while breastfeeding a baby. You must avoid its use if it is not recommended and considered unsafe.

Use of Admenta 10 Tablet may cause could affect your ability or make you feel dizzy or sleepy. If such drug reactions appear in you, please do not drive or operate heavy machinery.

Be cautious if you have liver or kidney disease, and take Admenta 10 tablets with caution. Some people may need dose changes to make the treatment adjustable and safe. Hence it is essential to discuss with a doctor before starting the treatment and inform them about your other health problems.

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