Betavert 16mg

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  • Generic Name : Betahistine
  • Brand Name : Betavert
  • Manufacturer Name : Sun Pharma India
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What is Betavert 16mg Tablet?

Betavert 10mg tablet is a histamine analog that helps prevent and treat a disorder of the inner ear. It treats Meniere disease, which causes dizziness, ringing in the ear, and loss of hearing. These symptoms are probably caused by fluid in the ear, and the drug reduces the amount of that fluid to treat it. Betavert is a prescription drug taken under the supervision of a doctor, and it is not used in patients below 18 years of age.

Uses of Betahistine 16mg tablets

Betavert 16mg tablet, a generic version of Betavert, helps treat Meniere's disease. It relieves symptoms like-

Dizziness (vertigo)

Loss of hearing

Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)

Feeling sick (nausea)

How does it work?

Betavert 10mg tablet includes Betahistine as its active ingredient, a histamine analog. It improves the blood flow in your inner ear, reducing the pressure of excess fluid in the ear. These tablets also dampen down the nerve signal sent from the inner ear to the brain. Doing this helps relieve the symptoms caused by the inner ear disorder called Ménière's disease.

How to use it?

Take Betavert tablets in the suggested dose and duration as a prescription drug for relief. You have to take a whole tablet with water at the same time each to get effective outcomes. Do not try to chew or break the tablet; You need to swallow it a hole in one go. The doctor will direct the dosage according to your medical condition, so discuss them first.

You can usually take this tablet on an empty stomach or after a meal. But to manage side effects like stomach pain or bloat, you should take it after your meal. Take these doses as long as advised in the fixed strength, and do not disturb the dosage amount. You may need to take this medicine for several months and keep taking them even if you start feeling better.

Side effects

Betavert 16mg Tablet may cause some common side effects and medical benefits. It may include headaches, sickness, stomach pain, bloating, and indigestion. Also, you may come across some other harmful effects not listed here. But if you experience any of them, you must inform your doctor immediately.

These adverse effects of the drug are usually mild and short-lived, which disappear soon. If these symptoms persist for a long, you may need medical attention to manage them.

Precautions and safety advice

A person allergic to Betahistine should not take any dose of Betavert tablets.

Let your doctor know if you have a stomach ulcer, asthma, or high or low blood pressure problem before taking it. Inform your about your medical history and about the medicine you take under them to your doctor.

Ask your doctor whether or not you should use Betavert 16mg during pregnancy. Also, inform them if you are planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding a baby before taking it.

It would be best if you had caution when taking Betahistine tablets during a liver or kidney disease. You may need some dose adjustments for safe treatment if you have severe health. Hence discuss a doctor first.

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