What should you eat to prevent asthma?

What should you eat to prevent asthma?
Published : Feb 03, 2024
Last Updated : Feb 07, 2024

Asthma is a disease that involves your lungs and affects normal breathing. 

It is caused by inflammation of your airways due to which you start experiencing coughing, wheezing & shortness of breath. 

Asthma can be extremely serious if you do not learn to manage it properly and plan your diet wisely. 

Though there are no particular dietary recommendations for people suffering from asthma several foods decrease asthma symptoms. 

You need to know that asthma is a common chronic condition and affects several people across the globe. 

It is important for you to know that the consumption of several foods can improve and prevent asthma. 

Being an asthma patient, you are recommended to have a nutritious diet that can help in improving your condition.  

You need to know that the intake of fresh fruits, as well as vegetables, helps you to in Asthma Treatment

In this blog, you will know what you should eat in order to prevent asthma effectively. 

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are considered anti-inflammatory because they are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium. 

Intake of magnesium help in easing the muscles surrounding the bronchi which is a trigger for asthma. 

You can take these seeds as it is or in-ground form by sprinkling it on cereals, smoothies or salads. 

Vitamin D or supplements

The low levels of vitamin D are often linked to an increased risk of asthma attacks in both adults & children. Intake of vitamin D supplements regularly decreases the risk of hospital admission for a serious asthma attack.

Vitamin D supports your lung function and decreases the risk of upper respiratory infections. 

Cheese, fatty fish, mushrooms, and egg yolks are some of the food items that are a good source of vitamin D. 


When it comes to protection against asthma, apples are extremely beneficial. You need to know that apples have a shielding effect against asthma and are beneficial for people suffering from asthma. 

The presence of flavonoids in apples helps in opening up airways, providing great support in asthma. 

Eating two to four apples a week can have a host of health benefits and is helpful in dealing with asthma. 

Vitamin A

People suffering from asthma have lower levels of vitamin A in their blood than people without asthma. 

Carrots, broccoli, cantaloupe, leafy greens, and sweet potatoes are some food items that are an excellent source of vitamin A.

Food items rich in beta carotene is good for people suffering from asthma. 


A healthy digestive tract means having the useful flora prospering inside it because they decrease the risk of asthma. 

You need to know that beans have prebiotics that is dietary fibers, acting as food for the good gut bacteria. 

If you want to see an amazing difference in your asthma condition then make sure you have half a cup of beans regularly. 

Whole-grain foods

Whole-grain foods play a vital role in decreasing the symptoms of asthma. 

To experience fewer asthma symptoms and have better control of the condition, you should eat whole-grain foods.  

Whole-grain foods such as wholewheat pasta, bulgur wheat, whole oats as well as buckwheat are extremely beneficial. 


It is necessary to know that ginger is considered the best food item in easing asthma symptoms. 

Remember that ginger has an active ingredient that relaxes your airways and eases asthma symptoms at the same time. 

Make sure you add ginger to your diet to deal with asthma symptoms effectively. 


Avocados are not only beneficial in asthma but also offer several benefits for your overall health. 

They are packed with high nutritional value like an antioxidant which protects your body against free radicals. 

Simply add avocados to salads and see the huge difference in your asthma condition. 


Carrots help in reducing the chances of contracting exercise-induced asthma because they are an excellent source of antioxidants. 

This food item will not only help you to deal with asthma but several other health issues as well. 

So, remember when it comes to asthma, there is no one solution that can do the trick. 

However, including the right food items in your diet can help you to a great extent.