What are Side effect of Diabetes Mellitus?

What are Side effect of Diabetes Mellitus?
Published : Feb 03, 2024
Last Updated : Feb 06, 2024

When you have a chronic disease like diabetes mellitus, your body has high levels of blood sugar. Problem with producing insulin and regulating blood sugar can be seen in the body. If blood sugar (glucose) level remains high, it may arise many health issues. 

Side Effect of Side effects of Diabetes Mellitus

If we see diabetes is like termites, it causes slow, hidden, and significant damage to your body. It leads to the risk of heart disease and other harmful side effects discovered in the article. Most of these side effects need precautions and treatment set out by your doctor.

Learn below about the risk of these side effects that you may experience if you have diabetes.

Cholesterol and high blood pressure

Patients with type 2 diabetes may suffer from high blood pressure and cholesterol. In type 2 diabetes, the body can't make use of insulin properly. Insulin is commonly a hormone that controls blood sugar in our body.

Under this condition, good cholesterol lowers and harmful blood fats (triglycerides) rise. Whereas, Excess blood sugar can reduce the elasticity of the blood vessels that causes them to narrow.

It leads to hinder blood flow and reduces the supply of blood and oxygen. A symptom like high blood pressure can be generally seen during these situations.

Patients with hypertension are at greater risk of heart illness, stroke, and problems such as thinking and memory. Also, it can damage large and small blood vessels in the body.

Brain health issues

Patients with diabetes can have abnormal blood flow to the brain, which can cause further complications. It can have possibilities like the rapid loss of mental function with age too. The problem may disturb the ability to plan, organize, remember things and pay attention. 

To protect the functioning of your brain, you have to stay physically and mentally fit. Get proper treatment to reduce the risk factors and play games to challenge your intellect. 

Erectile dysfunction like sex difficulties

Many males with diabetes can face some level of Sexual dysfunction like Ed. We know that Ed can be psychological or may occur due to low testosterone levels. People with diabetes usually have a low hormone called testosterone found in the body.

Such complications can be commonly seen in people with diabetes if they're obese. However, a diabetic patient can have changes in blood arteries around the penis due to long-term complications. Seek expert advice if you are over age 40, have diabetes, and face difficulty with your male tools. 

Not only do males undergo sex complications during diabetes, many middle-aged and older women also tend to have sexual issues with diabetes. 

According to studies in women's it can cause nerve damage that can impair lubrication, and it may also affect the ability to achieve an orgasm in females. 

Skin infections

Diabetes can raise the risk of various kinds of skin issues, including bacterial infections. It causes infection of the urinary tract, Fungal infection, and itching on the body. These symptoms are usually come and generally seen as the initial symptom of diabetes in patients. 

Managing the blood sugar levels may support in preventing these symptoms effectively. But in case if you have an infection, you must seek a doctor's advice and start the treatment. 

Neuropathy and nerve damage

About half of people with type-2 diabetes face difficulties like neuropathy or nerve damage. Due to nerve damage, it may cause pain in the hands, feet, and other body parts. Neuropathy can affect any part of the nervous system, especially peripheral neuropathy. It causes pain and numbness in the hips, legs, feet, toes, arms, hands, and fingers. 

Effect of Neuropathy can also be seen on nerves that manage autonomic or involuntary functions like digestion. 

Vision loss

People with diabetes may also have a risk of retinopathy. Elevated blood levels over a long period can damage the eye's delicate blood vessels. Blurred vision in the short term, whereas long-term complications can lead to vision loss. 

But the good news, with the help of treatment, you can reduce risk up to 95%. Taking proper treatment and maintaining the blood sugar level may help in preventing the issue. 

Hearing loss

We all lose some amount of hearing as we grow older, but in diabetic patients, the hearing loss gets double. Due to diabetes, hearing loss happens if the small veins and nerves in the inner ear get damaged. 

But to preserve your normal hearing, you have to keep your blood sugar level check and maintain normal. Also, avoid exposure to loud noise if you are undergoing such complications.

Kidney failure

Long-term high blood glucose levels can harm blood arteries in the kidneys. Such complication scars the nephrons, tiny structures within the kidney that filters the blood. Due to these complications, kidneys can't filter waste out of the blood, resulting in kidney failure. 

Most diabetes patients who don't take steps to control their diabetes for a long period may be at higher risk of kidney failure. It can have sustain kidney damage if the condition remains the same for 10 years. 

In addition, to prevent all these side effects, you need to manage your blood sugar. Being physically active, consuming a healthful diet, and taking treatment set out by your doctor may help.