Is HCG is good for Weight loss?

Is HCG is good for Weight loss?
Published : Feb 04, 2024
Last Updated : Feb 06, 2024

Do you exercise and follow a diet but still think time constraints make it difficult for you to lose undesirable bodyweight & fat? If yes, then you must follow the HCG diet plant that will offer you benefits more than weight loss.

This diet makes use of a hormone in order to burn extra fat than traditional dieting and controls your appetite to offer outstanding results.

HCG means human chorionic gonadotropin which is a pregnancy hormone it is produced at the time of pregnancy by the placenta. However, the HCG diet is not much concerned with pregnancy.

It is often considered a controversial weight loss plan that consists of HCG supplements or hormone injections along with a low-calorie diet. The HCG diet is one of the quickest and most extreme ways of losing weight. It appeals to a number of people who wish to lose weight quickly.

What is HCG?

During pregnancy, the hormone HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is present in the body at high levels. This hormone is also used for the maker in-home pregnancy tests.

It is important to know that HCG hormone is also used for treating problems in men as well as women. Although high blood levels of HCG can lead to the symptoms of various types of cancer like ovarian, placental and testicular cancer.

HCG diet for weight loss usually comprises two main components:

  • An ultra-low calorie diet of almost 500 calories in a day
  • HCG hormone injections

HCG diet is popular among people who wish to lose weight because this diet generally includes calorie restrictions. When on an HCG diet, you can consume only 500 to 800 calories in a day. People who follow HCG diet can lose weight easily because of the low calories intake.

HCG protocol

When it comes to the HCG protocol, combines the weight loss benefits of caloric shortage dieting along with the fat-burning advantages of HCG.

It is important to know that caloric deficit dieting offers effective weight loss at the cost of the muscles when your body breaks them down for use of energy.

When HCG, a hormone occurs in your body at the time of pregnancy then it becomes easy for the body to burn calories from fat instead of using your muscles.

How does HCG diet promote weight loss?

People who follow the HCG diet take injections along with a diet on a regular basis that aids in restricting calorie consumption. Almost 1000 to 1400 calories are burnt in a day from stored body fat when there is a presence of HCG in your body.

When you follow the HCG diet, it gradually puts your body in an anabolic state that helps in burning fat and building muscle as well. When the body is in a hunger state because of caloric restriction, HCG permits the body to burn all the unwanted fat.

In this way, muscle is not burnt and there is a significant loss in fat due to this diet.

Are there any advantages of dieting with HCG?

When it comes to dieting with HCG, it is much more than weight loss. People who follow the plan HCG diet for weight often experience:

  • Stabilized metabolism
  • Improved burning of unwanted fat present in your body
  • High retention of muscle mass
  • Slimmed-down hips, abdomen, buttocks, upper arms as well as neck

When you maintain a healthy diet and live an active lifestyle, it becomes easy to ensure that the diet program lasts for a long time. Several people find maintaining their weight easily after the HCG diet. This is because the HCG diet assures fat loss and metabolism stabilization which makes it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Many people even experience additional weight loss once the HCG diet is complete.

Is HCG responsible for improving your life?

Are you looking for a major weight loss solution? If yes, then you can give it try the HCG diet program which will definitely offer tremendous results. After the program is complete, you will experience enhanced energy and stamina.

Your overall health is improved and the function of organs increases after the program, ensuring a better quality of life. This diet is also helping a few people to decrease the chance of diabetes and lower cholesterol, promoting overall health.

Who can benefit from the HCG diet?

Keep one thing in your mind, treatment with HCG protocol is helpful for men and women who wish to burn fat in a short span of time. The regular HCG like Ovidac 5000 injection is not costly when compared to other diet plans and can be taken quickly.

Therefore, if you wish to lose weight fast then consult your healthcare professional once and then accordingly start an HCG diet.