How does finasteride work in treating hair loss?

How does finasteride work in treating hair loss?
Published : Feb 04, 2024
Last Updated : Feb 06, 2024

Do you think hair loss is causing you to lose self-confidence?

Men with male pattern baldness can start losing their hair at the temple area before the age of 21.

On the other hand, men before the age of 50 also suffer from moderate-to-extreme hair loss. Hair loss can be a side effect of different medications you're taking.

If you are a man and are also looking for an effective medicine to treat hair loss, then Finasteride is the best option.

What is Finasteride?

Finasteride is an effective medicine for treating male pattern baldness at the crown and in the middle of your scalp.

It is used only by adult men and women as well as children should not use this medication strictly.

This medicine mainly works by decreasing the amount of natural hormone in your body known as DHT.

By decreasing the amount of DHT, finasteride helps promote hair growth and slows down hair loss.

Remember that hair growth on other parts of your body is not affected by this medicine.

When used correctly and directed by a doctor, finasteride can offer natural-looking results at a lower price.

Finasteride comes in tablet form and is formulated for daily consumption.

The prescribed dosage of this medicine is usually 1mg a day for the treatment of hair loss.

How does finasteride work in treating hair loss?

Remember, finasteride belongs to a class of medicines known as 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors.

It inhibits the action of the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme that is responsible for converting testosterone into the hormone DHT.

When it comes to male pattern baldness, DHT plays a vital role.

If you have a genetic problem with hair loss, DHT might bind to receptors in your hair follicles.

This further leads to ongoing hair loss around your hairline, crown, and scalp.

By preventing the 5 alpha-reductase enzymes, this medication decreases the amount of DHT in your bloodstream.

As a result, hair follicles are well protected against DHT-related damage.

This way, your hair loss problem slows down and sometimes stops altogether.

Several men also notice amazing hair regrowth in the areas of their scalp affected by male pattern baldness.

Using Finasteride, as the doctor recommends, can offer you outstanding results.

Is finasteride effective for everyone?

For most people, finasteride is a very effective and successful treatment for hair loss.

Everyone is different, and some individuals might react to finasteride differently.

This medicine best treats hair loss with a declining hairline and thinning.

You need to know that the medication will not work in the areas with complete hair loss.

Any man over 18 can use finasteride after consulting with a doctor.

Although the medication is not considered safe for use by adolescents younger than 18 years and children.

Women must not take this medicine because finasteride often interacts with female hormones and causes serious side effects.

Does finasteride help in the regrowth of hair?

Along with slowing down and stopping hair loss, finasteride encourages hair regrowth.

Compared to before, finasteride can ensure your hair grows strong, fast, and thick.

You need to understand that finasteride will not change your hair quality or texture instantly.

However, several men are experiencing hair regrowth and increased hair thickness.

So, if you follow your doctor’s direction and use finasteride in the same way, it will ensure the regrowth of hair.

How long does finasteride take to work?

Finasteride is not overnight magic, and your hair loss problem will not stop right after the treatment is started.

You will see a difference in your hair loss after three to six months of use.

It would be best if you had patience while using the medication because it might take a long time in some cases.

However, around 12 months of the treatment, you will notice hair regrowth and an increase in hair thickness.

So, start using finasteride to treat hair loss and regain confidence.

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Finasteride is one of the reliable solutions for male pattern baldness. It offers effective results in promoting hair growth and slowing down hair loss. Finasteride inhibits the action of the five alpha-reductase enzymes and reduces DHT levels. Thus, it protects hair follicles from damage, leading to noticeable improvements over time. However, It is essential to note that results may vary among individuals. But make sure to use it as directed by a doctor and have a consistent use of this drug. It is crucial to get the optimal outcomes. One must keep patience, as this medicine may take time with regrowth and increased hair thickness. It provides men with a viable option to combat hair loss and boost self-confidence.