How does Alcohol and Smoking affect Men life?

How does Alcohol and Smoking affect Men life?

Nowadays, consumption of alcohol and smoking has turned out to be the most common forms of entertainment. 

But such kind of lifestyle factors affect male fertility and make them suffer from problems like erectile dysfunction. 

You need to know that drinking targets sperm morphology and sperm production.

On the other hand, smoking releases toxins that have a negative effect on sperm motility and seminal fluid quality.

High alcohol intake and heavy smoking lead to lower testosterone levels as well as changes in sexual function. 

It is important to understand that testosterone is involved directly in all the male reproductive processes. 

When there is a decrease in testosterone, men start suffering from several problems including decreased fertility and impotency. 

Alcohol or smoking can never lead to a positive outcome in sexual performance. 

Be it alcohol or cigarette smoking, both things have negative long-term & short terms effects on men. 

Several men believe that alcohol consumption helps in improving sexual drive and assists them in enjoying more strong sexual activity.

Although less consumption of alcohol might help you in enjoying the sexual activity.

But intake of too much alcohol leads to a decreased sexual response of men and also makes sexual activity extremely difficult. 

Effects of Alcohol and Smoking on men

Both alcohol and smoking affect men negatively and even lead to serious health issues. 

Erectile dysfunction or impotency 

Smoking and alcohol damage blood circulation in a number of ways that further lead to several health problems including erectile dysfunction. 

An erection is possible when blood vessels in the male reproductive organ enlarge and fill with blood. 

But when you smoke or drink alcohol, blood vessels get affected which averts it to perform its natural action. 

Erectile dysfunction is a condition when a man is not able to achieve and maintain an erection for sexual activity. 

As there is no proper blood flow in the male reproductive organ, it becomes difficult for you to achieve hard erections. 

Nowadays, most men consuming alcohol and smoking are suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotency.

However, it has now become easy to deal with impotency by using effective impotence medicine like Viagra, Tadalafil, etc. 

ED medicines like Sildenafil Oral Tablets increase the flow of blood to the male reproductive organ, helping you to enjoy hard erections. 

In this way, you get back your sexual life once again and have an opportunity to involve in a lovemaking session.

But remember, it is necessary to strictly stop alcohol intake and smoking to enjoy sexual life. 


Tobacco use and alcohol often have a negative effect on men’s fertility. 

Men who are involved in smoking and drinking too much alcohol have double the chances of suffering from infertility. 

It is noticed that smoking is linked to fertility complications in various ways. 

The presence of DNA in eggs and sperm is damaged by smoking, leading to serious fertility problems. 

Low testosterone levels 

Excessive consumption of alcohol & smoking is responsible for lowering testosterone levels in men’s bodies. 

This further lowers libido as well as prevents physical stimulation in men. 

While it becomes difficult for a man to indulge in sexual activity after drinking because the sexual desire is lowered. 

The flow of blood is affected

Both alcohol and tobacco are responsible for dilating the blood vessels in men’s bodies. 

As a result, blood flow in and out of the male reproductive organ, as well as other body organs, is affected. 

During sexual intercourse, the male reproductive organ remains flaccid, leading to the problem of erectile dysfunction.  

When you start suffering from impotency, it becomes difficult for you to indulge in a lovemaking session.

This happens because of the improper flow of blood to the important organs that are indulged in sexual activity. 

What is the impact of alcohol on male sex hormones?

Alcohol consumption causes a great decline in testosterone level both in alcoholic men as well as non-alcoholic who drink to become intoxicated. 

However, testosterone levels return to normal when men start drinking occasionally. 

On the other hand, moderate amounts of alcohol consumption are not linked with decreased testosterone. 

Keep one thing in your mind, a low-testosterone level not only causes erectile dysfunction but also decreases your sexual determination.   

Seek Medical Help 

The moment you realize, your body has become overdependent on alcohol or tobacco, immediately get the doctor’s help. 

One of the main dependencies of alcohol is alcoholic tremors which is generally a withdrawal symptom. 

It is vital for you to contact the doctor before your condition becomes worse and more dependent on alcohol & smoking. 

So, if you wish to enjoy your sexual life and avoid serious health issues then quit smoking and alcohol consumption.