Erection During Massage: Causes, Myths, and Professional Etiquette

Erection During Massage: Causes, Myths, and Professional Etiquette
Published : Feb 04, 2024
Last Updated : Feb 07, 2024

Erections during a massage are also among the individuals who experience this. You may find it uncomfortable to discuss it openly, and such an appearance may make you embarrassed at some moments. Let's understand this natural bodily response. This situation might occur in both men and women. 

In this article, you will explore the causes of an erection during a massage. Also, read about the myths and professional etiquette on the topic. By following these professional etiquettes, both clients and massage therapists can easily handle such situations. 

Causes of erection during massage

There are several potential causes behind experiencing an erection during a massage. It can be due to various physiological and psychological factors. Getting a relaxing massage can reduce stress, and experiencing the physical touch can lead to an erection. It may seem like a bodily response, but sometimes, people with sexual faults, like Erectile dysfunction, don't experience it. They find themselves unable to get or keep an erection due to impotence.

In such cases, a doctor can prescribe treatment like Ed drugs such as Sildenafil or Tadalafil to treat Ed. However, To respond to the treatment of ED drugs, you need to be sexually excited; otherwise, these ED drugs would not help.

Also, It is important to note that sexual arousal is one of the potential causes of an erection. But it is not the only reason for getting an erection during massage.

These are some common causes that can lead to erections during massage: 

Relaxation response

While getting massage therapy, it will provide you with relaxation that helps to reduce stress and tension. In response, the parasympathetic nervous system gets activated, which plays a huge role in leading an erection. It promotes the potential genital arousal and increases blood flow in the body. That's the reason that relaxation response during a massage can promote an erection.  

Reflex response 

Some of the massage techniques that target some specific areas of the lower part of the body can trigger a reflex response. It may involve parts like the lower back, glutes or inner thighs that cause a reflex response, and it may lead to genital arousal. 


Lying on the stomach with weight can put pressure on the abdomen. It can stimulate the pelvis and cause an erection.

Mental stimulation

For some people, the specific environment during a massage can mentally stimulate them and lead to arousal. For example, a Massage in an intimate atmosphere with soothing music and physical touch can arouse some people mentally.

Debunking Misconceptions and myths about erections during a massage

Many people have misconceptions and myths about erections during a massage. Let's debunk some of these commonly heard ideas.

Erection equals sexual desire

Erections do not necessarily only indicate sexual desire or sexual intentions. It can be a physiological response by our body without us even conscious thoughts or intentions.

Inappropriate behavior

If a client gets hard during a massage, do not state their inappropriate behaviour in the situation. It should be understood as a bodily response, and one should professionally handle such possibilities.

Embarrassment and judgment

It is important to note that Massage therapists are professionals who understand the human body and its natural responses. These professionals are specially trained to have a non-judgmental and empathetic attitude towards their clients.

Professional etiquette for massage therapists and clients

During a massage session, the therapist and client should keep things professional. Here are some suggestions that can ensure a respectful and comfortable experience during a massage therapy session:

Therapist’s approach

Massage therapists must maintain professional behaviour toward their clients. They should consider this natural bodily response. They are specially trained to handle such situations professionally and focus on providing a safe and comfortable space to their clients. In such cases, they should continue the massage without paying attention to the erection. Must avoid any sexual or suggestive remarks towards the clients and professional continue the therapy.

Client communication

As a client, if you feel uncomfortable due to an erection during a massage, you can talk to your therapist. Also, a therapist must create an environment where a client can open up and honestly communicate. Such an approach from both sides can help address anxieties or discomforts in the situation.

Boundaries and consent

A massage therapist must respect their client's boundaries professionally. They should get explicit consent before using any techniques that include sensitive areas of the body. Also, a client should establish and communicate their boundaries with their massage therapist.

Draping Techniques

A client and therapist should feel comfortable and modest with the proper draping techniques during a session. A therapist should only expose the specific part of the body on which they are working. It would be best to cover the rest of the area during therapy.


Experiencing an erection during a massage is a natural response of your body. It does not always indicate your sexual desire and intentions. Relaxation response, mental stimulation, and reflex response are some factors that can lead to erection during a massage. But, a person must know that massage therapists are professionally trained to maintain a non-judgmental and empathetic attitude toward their clients. One should not get embarrassed or discomfort due to it during therapy.

You can openly and honestly communicate with your therapist to address your pain and anxiety. Also, following the professional etiquette given in the article can help massage therapists and customers feel comfortable and handle such situations. But if you are dealing with a sexual problem like Ed, then a person may find it difficult to get or keep an erection. In such cases, a doctor may advise for medications like Ed pills like Viagra and Cialis.

Some FaQs on the Topic

Do men usually get an erection during a massage?

Yes, it's a normal and common bodily response, and men usually may get an erection during a massage. It can be a physiological response towards relaxation and increase blood flow during a massage in the body. However, it doesn't mean that it always shows a man's sexual desire or inappropriate behaviour during massage therapy.

Will a massage therapist feel uncomfortable if I get an erection during massage therapy?

A massage therapist will professionally handle such situations and is specially trained to understand the human body and its natural responses.

So, no, they would professionally respond to it and maintain a non-judgmental and empathetic attitude toward their clients.

What are the potential risks of receiving a massage from an unlicensed therapist?

Unlicensed therapists may not be aware of proper techniques, contraindications, or sanitation practices. It could lead to injuries, such as muscle strains, nerve damage, or even infections, if hygiene standards are not followed. So make sure to get massage therapy with a licenced therapist only.