Myths and Facts About Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

Myths and Facts About Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence
Published : Feb 04, 2024
Last Updated : Feb 07, 2024

Erectile dysfunction can be a challenging problem for men around the world who experience it.

Also known as Impotence, erectile dysfunction is a condition when a man finds trouble getting or maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse.

Remember ED can occur at any age and several men start to suffer from feelings of frustration and low self-confidence. Men with problems like anxiety, and depression often suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction.

As ED can be a difficult topic for men to talk about, there are several misconceptions that surround this condition. Keep reading this blog in order to know why you must not believe in the below-stated common myths.

Myths and Facts About Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

Here are some myths and facts to consider:

Myth: ED occurs in older men

Fact: ED is common in older men but it can also occur in men of any age group. There are certain medical conditions like high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, or kidney disorder that can increase the risk of men suffering from ED. Smoking and some other medications are also responsible for causing erectile dysfunction. 

Myth: Once you have ED, enjoying an exciting sex life is not possible

Fact: ED often affects men once in a while or for a short period of time. Almost 40% of men above the age of 40 will experience erectile dysfunction. Nowadays, a number of medicines are available and can be taken shortly before indulging in sexual activity to enjoy an impulsive sexual life.

Myth: Only men feel the effect of ED

Fact: Both the man and his partner can get affected by erectile dysfunction. ED can create feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem, leading to the problem of depression.

Intimate relationships usually suffer, especially if the condition is not tackled. The partner can feel unloved or even feel that it is somehow their fault. This further leads to relationship problems.

Remember when self-esteem is affected, it leads to difficulties in other relationships like problems at work, with friends, or with family.

Myth: If I have trouble in the bedroom, I might have erectile dysfunction 

Fact: It’s a myth that men are always able to indulge in sexual activity. Having trouble attaining or maintaining an erection from time to time is normal. Just like with women, being under the weather, stress, fatigue, anxiety and other problems can affect the ability or desire of a man to have sexual activity.

However, you need to contact the doctor, if you have trouble attaining or maintaining an erection normally.

Myth: Wearing tight underwear can make you suffer from ED

Fact: Tight underwear is linked with the problem of infertility as it can increase the temperature of your testicles. Though there is no medical research that displays a link between tight underwear and ED.

Myth: ED only arises because of relationship issues

Fact: Relationship issues indeed contribute to a man’s desire of involving in sexual activity. But most cases of erectile dysfunction are physiological and not psychological.

Remember if the condition of ED is untreated then it can further lead to difficulties in your relationship.

Myth: Oral medicines like Viagra are only the treatment for ED

Fact: Lifestyle changes like losing weight and quitting smoking are usually suggested before trying oral medicines. Recognizing and treating any underlying physical conditions must be the first line of treatment for ED. You need to know that oral medicine helps men but not certainly for everyone.  

Myth: Erectile dysfunction is annoying but not dangerous

Fact: It is important to know that erectile dysfunction can be a wake-up call for men and that you are at greater risk for dangerous conditions like heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. The same factors that lead to the problem of heart disease and stroke can also contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Myth: Oral medicines like Viagra, are only the effective treatment for ED

Fact: lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and losing weight are usually suggested by the doctor before starting  ED oral medicines. Recognizing and treating underlying physical conditions must be the first line of treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Oral medications for ED help several men around the world but not everyone.

Myth: There is no cure for ED

Fact: False, once the main cause of erectile dysfunction is determined, there are several ways to deal with this problem, including:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Medicines
  • Self-injections
  • Vacuum erection devices
  • Penile implants

Myth: Men with ED, do not have any sexual desire

Fact: Remember sexual desire is hormonal and ED does not necessarily affect it. Some men facing the problem of ED might fear indulging in sexual activity or avoiding intercourse. This is because they are afraid that they will not be able to attain an erection. However, ED does not impact sexual desire directly.  

Myth: Herbal supplements can treat ED, so you don’t need to visit a doctor

Fact: Currently, there is no research that claims using herbal supplements for treating the condition of ED in men. It is vital to understand that herbal supplements are not regulated by the FDA and can be dangerous for ED conditions.

Not only this, herbal supplements might even interfere with your existing medicines and might lead to serious side effects. It is recommended to consult the doctor once before having herbal supplements.

Myth: Oral medicine for ED offers a persistent erection for the length of its action

Fact: Remember taking oral medicine can enable natural sexual experiences. You must know that erection occurs only when you are sexually aroused. When you are not stimulated, you must not worry about a persistent erection. Hardly, a prolonged erection can occur.

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If the erection lasts for more than 4 hours, then you must consult the doctor immediately.

Thus, the problem of ED leads the feeling of embarrassment and stops men from getting treatment. But ED is treatable easily, and if you experience erectile dysfunction then contact the doctor promptly.