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  • Generic Name : Lidocaine
  • Brand Name : climax spray
  • Manufacturer Name : MidasCare Pharma, India
  • Delivery Days : 10 To 12 working days
  • Presentation : Bottle Spray

What is Climax Spray? 

Climax spray is an aerosol spray. It is indicated for men who face trouble maintaining an erection for long. The use of climax spray can stimulate and increase the duration of intimacy. It prevents premature ejaculation and helps in achieving sexual satisfaction. 

This spray can turn a regular penis into rock hard for a long. It contains lignocaine as an active ingredient that helps to prevent premature ejaculation. Providing a prolonged erection enhances the satisfaction levels of both partners. It is for external use only.

Medical Benefits

It minimizes the sensitivity of men's genital area to delay ejaculation. Through this mechanism, it provides long-lasting pleasure by expanding sexual intimacy. 

  • This Aerosol spray acts as a local anesthetic. 
  • Lignocaine spray lets your penis feel to reach a potential level. 
  • It helps to maintain ejaculation for a long time. 
  • Climax spray improves the quality of sexual intimacy for both partners. 

How does the Climax (Lignocaine) spray works? 

Climax spray is composed of lignocaine. It acts as a local anesthetic that is directly sprayed on the organ. The use of climax spray helps to increase semi-anesthetic effects. It minimizes the sensitivity threshold and provides long-lasting pleasure by delayed ejaculation. 

It works by balancing the membrane of nerves suppressing the passage of the ions. Thus, By increasing the duration of sexual intimacy by preventing premature ejaculation. It improves the quality of sex and brings more satisfaction to both the partner.

How to use Climax Spray? 

To get the most benefits of this spray, you should use it in the exact order as directed by a doctor. Read the usage instruction carefully given on the leaflet. It is for external use only. Follow the instruction and adopt the right technique to use this spray. It is directly sprayed on the shaft of the penis in amount. You should use it 5 to 15 minutes before involving in sexual activity.

Before you spray it:

  1. Shake the bottle well for 10 seconds.
  2. Hold the bottle 5cm away from the penis.
  3. Press the spray nozzle to spread.

You press it 3 to 4 times to spray or as advised for you. The most recommended dosage of climax spray is ten times a day; You should not use it more often. Climax spray is almost safe, but the area should be rinsed well with water to avoid discomfort. The patient or their partner who has an allergy to lignocaine should prevent its use.

If you have glaucoma or hypersensitivity must consult a doctor first. Keep this spray at room temperature and avoid its exposure to direct sunlight. 

Side effects of Climax Spray 

These are some common side effects that are rarely seen in a few patients during climax spray. If you detect any severe signs or symptoms, you should consult your doctor. Dermatitis 

  • Chest tightness 
  • Rashes 
  • Numbness of penis 
  • Burning and tiredness sensation 
  • Blurred vision 
  • Allergic reaction

When not to use Climax Spray

  • Hypersensitivity to lidocaine hydrochloride or any other inactive component of Climax spray
  • Serious adverse responses to Lidocaine or to amid local anesthetic
  • Serious Sinoatrial block
  • Suffering health problems like Heart block, second or third-degree
  • Hypotension which is not due to Arrhythmia
  • Accelerated idioventricular rhythm
  • Concurrent treatment with procainamide, flecainide, quinidine
  • Prior use of Amiodarone hydrochloride

Warning and Precautions Advice

It is not recommended for use in patients below the age of 18. 

Climax Spray may not be safe or suitable for all the patients. So, it may need dose adjustments to get the optimal level of the active ingredient Lidocaine. Before you start using it, seek doctors' advice and follow the prescription.

Patients having allergies or hypersensitive to its inactive component should not use it. You must also avoid its use if your partner has an allergy to it.

Climax Spray can cause an acute systemic toxic effect due to its rapid absorption. It may bring drowsiness by elevated blood pressure. During such a situation, you should seek a doctor's advice if you are not feeling well.

 Do not use climax spray if your partner is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Use the exact dosage of this medication as instructed by a doctor for you. Do not disturb its dosage frequency unless specifically required to do so. 

Do not use it if you have any rashes, cuts, or broken skin around the genital area.

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