Glucobay 50 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Acarbose
  • Brand Name : Precose
  • Manufacturer Name : Bayer health care AG
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Glucobay 50 Mg - General Information

Glucobay 50 mg used to reduce high blood sugar in patient with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Acarbose pills belong to a group of alpha-glucosidase inhibitors that prevents serious complications caused due to excessive production of blood sugar. 

High Sugar levels may cause kidney damage, heart disorders, nerve problems, and other associated disorders. 

Glucobay tablets are used with a combination of other blood-sugar-lowering drugs. You may also need a healthy diet plan and regular exercise along with your medication.

Manufacturer of Glucobay 50mg tablets

Bayer pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd(India) manufactures Glucobay 50mg tablets. It is the worlds leading pharmaceutical company that manufacture healthcare medicines. To buy Glucobay 50mg tablets, you can visit our online store and get this drug at the sale price.

How does Glucobay work?

Glucobay 50mg tablets contain acarbose as an active ingredient. It is an antihyperglycemic medicine that belongs to the class of alpha-glucosidase inhibitors. This ingredient lowers blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Acarbose inhibits alpha-glucosidase production by the walls of the small intestine and pancreas. Thus, it helps to use the produced sugar in the body and reduces high blood sugar levels. This medicine helps to prevent the associated risks and controls blood sugar levels. 

Dosage Instruction - Acarbose Tablets

It would help if you took Glucobay precisely as mentioned in your prescription by a doctor. It is generally taken three times daily when you take your meal, breakfast, and dinner. During the intake of these tablets, you should swallow a whole pill in one go with a little water. Do not break or crush the tablet. Glucobay tablets are advised for long-term use. It can also be prescribed with a combination of other drugs. It would help if you consumed it with their variety as much as long your doctor suggests you.

Do not forget or skip any dose between the treatment course. If you fail to take any amount, then refurbish it as soon as you can. Otherwise, you should leave that missed dose when it's too late and go back to the scheduled doses. Never consume two amounts of this medicine at the same time. 


Contact a doctor if you suspect any overdose symptoms. It may include symptoms like dizziness, increased heartbeat, confusion, tremor, and sweating. It is not advised to take more than the recommended dose of Glucobay 50mg tablets.

When not to take Glucobay 50mg tablet

  • Do not take Glucobay 50mg tablet if you have an allergy to acarbose or any other ingredient in it. 
  • Avoid is useful if you have server liver or kidney diseases. 
  • Glucobay can be unsafe when used with other diabetic medicines- metformin or sulfonylureas. Please do not take their medication without consulting your doctor.
  • Patients having obstruction, digestion disorder, and inflammatory bowel diseases should avoid its use.
  • Do not take this medicine if you have gastrointestinal disease or diabetic ketoacidosis.

 Drug Interaction with Glucobay Tablets

Certain medicines can interact with Glucobay 50mg tablets. Acarbose pills should either avoid these medicines while you are taking them or need a dosage change. Please consult your doctor if you are any of the following Medicine.

  • Medicines that affect Glucobay 50tablets
  • Antibiotic drugs like neomycin
  • Medicines for high cholesterol like cholestyramine
  • Digestive enzyme for the treatment of pancreatic insufficiency
  • Intestinal adsorbents are used to bind toxins like charcoal.
  • Medicines that are affected by Glucobay 50mg tablets
  • Digoxin for heart failure

Side effects

  • Headache
  • Altered taste
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Server allergic reaction
  • Skin rashes
  • Body aches
  • Dizziness

These are the side effects that Glucobay 50mg can bring in a few patients. Most of them disappear when your body gets adjusted to Medicine. But if they persist or get worsen, then you must contact your doctor immediately. 

Precaution and Safety Advice

Along with the medicinal treatment, follow regular exercise and a healthy diet plan. It will help to increase the efficiency of the treatment.

Regularly check your blood sugar level while taking this medicine.

Glucobay tablets May cause hypoglycemia when used with other diabetic Medicine or alcohol. It may also occur when you miss a meal; consult your doctor if it happens and avoid alcohol use.

You should carry some sugary food or fruit juice if you get any symptoms of hypoglycemia. It May include symptoms like cold sweats, cool pale skin, tremors, and anxious feelings.

During its medication, also keep a regular check on the functioning of the liver and kidney.


Does Use of Glucobay 50mg tablets cause hypoglycemia?

Glucobay tablets do not cause hypoglycemia by their medicinal effects. It can happen when you take it with other antidiabetic medicines or insulin. A fall of blood sugar levels that ranges from hypoglycemia level can occur. Please, consult your doctor if this happens, and it may need some dose changes according to it. 

Can Glucobay 50mg tablet cause diarrhea?

Yes, Glucobay 50mg tablet can cause diarrhea. It is a common side effect of this Medicine. This side effect does not appear everyday. It may occur when you take any food Containing carbohydrates, such as household sugar. But if diarrhea persists or becomes severe, you should contact a doctor immediately. 

What if I take more than the recommended dose of Glucobay 50mg tablets?

This may cause a temporary increase in flatulence, diarrhea, and abdominal discomfort. It is not recommended to take more than the prescribed dose of this medicine. During such conditions, avoid meals, drinks containing carbohydrates for the next 4-6 hours.

When should I take Glucobay 50mg tablet?

Take Glucobay 50mg tablet with your meals, and it is swollen with water. Acarbose tablets can also chew it with the first mouthful of food. At the initial days of the treatment dose of Glucobay tablet is generally twice a day. You may also tell to take it thrice a day after some time.

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