Glypride 3mg

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  • Generic Name : Glimepiride
  • Brand Name : Amaryl
  • Manufacturer Name : Sun Pharma
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What is Glypride ( Glimepiride) Tablet?

Glypride 3mg tablets is an oral diabetes medication. It helps in treating type 2 diabetes. This OTC medication is used with insulin and other drugs if needed. It belongs to a group of drugs called sulfonylureas that controls blood sugar levels. Along with healthy diet and regular exercise can increase the efficiency of Treatment. This medicine prevents serious complications related to kidney damage and blindness.

Manufacturer of Glypride Medicine

Sun Pharma Laboratories India manufactures Glimepiride tablets. This drug is readily available at every leading online pharmacy. Our online pharmacy from India also supplies this medicine in the USA. 

Different Strengths of Glypride Tablets

Glypride 2mg Glypride 4mg


Glimepiride 3mg - Important Information

Ensure while taking Glimepiride 3mg that your blood sugar does not get too low. This condition can occur due to several reasons. It can occur when you are skipping a meal, being under stress, exercising too long, or drink alcohol. Diabetic patients should not take glimepiride 3mg if they are in a state of diabetic ketoacidosis.

How does Glimepiride tablets works?

Glypride contains glimepiride as an active ingredient that is an antidiabetic medicine. This medicine increases the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas. It is a hormone that moves the sugar (also known as glucose) from the blood into the cells which work as a fuel for the cell. Patients with type 2 diabetes have a problem that their body can't make enough insulin. Sometimes their body can't use the insulin properly.

Under this condition, the produced sugar is unable to enter the cell. It remains in our bloodstream, which brings serious complications. Thus, Using Glimepiride increases the amount of insulin and lowers the blood sugar level. 


Dosage Instruction Glimepiride

Patients who have diabetes can take Glypride just before or with the morning meal. You should use this medicine regularly at the same time each day to get these tablets' proper benefit. 

Glimepiride medicine's dose is given according to your blood sugar levels and other condition by a doctor. Always use it in the exact dose and duration as advised for you. These tablets are swollen with a glass of water and do not chew or crush while taking. If you forget to take any of its doses, you can skip that dose if a meal is skipped.

Add that dose when you have an extra meal. Follow the diabetic diet strictly during the medication as advised by your doctor. 


Do not take an overdose of this medicine and use it in the exact order as prescribed for you. Overdosing effects of this drug vary from person to person. Seek medical care or consult your doctor if you suspect an overdose. 

Side Effects - Glypride 3mg Medicine

Here are some side effects that Glimepiride can contain during its consumption such as-

  • Headache
  • Hypoglycemia
  • yellow urine
  • flu symptoms
  • nausea
  • throat infection
  • fever
  • Weight gain
  • Photosensitivity
  • Pruritus
  • Abdominal pain
  • Rashes
  • weakness

These symptoms are common and rarely seen in a few patients. They usually get well themselves. If not, you must consult a hearth care expert soon.

What are the Drugs Interactions with Glimepiride

Glimepiride drugs with other medications can cause serious health issues. Drugs like blood thinners such as warfarin, sulfa drugs, other diabetes drugs. 

Glimepiride may bring negative results when combined with herbal or OTC medicines. So before you start its use, inform your doctor about other drugs been taken under other problems.

Tell your doctor if you any of this medical condition before taking Glimepiride medicine

If you have hepatic Impairment

If you have renal Impairment

If you have stress-related problems

If you have Glucose-6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

Precautions and Safety Advice

Do not use this drug if you have an allergy to glimepiride, sulfonamides, or sulfonylureas.

Use this medicine with caution if you are suffering from kidney or liver disease. 

Glypride is unsafe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It can also pass into breast milk during breastfeeding. So you must consult your doctor first before you use this drug during breastfeeding.

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach during the medication may be unsafe. It can increase the risk of low blood sugar levels in the body. 


How long Does it take the Glypride tablet to start it's working?

After administration, Generic Amaryl takes about 2 to 3 hours to reduce the sugar level. You may not feel any difference after you take it, but It does not mean the medicine is not working. Keep taking this medicine as directed by your doctor.

How long do I need to take these tablets? 

Usually, this drug is advised for long term use. You may have to continue this medicine for life long. This medicine only controls the sugar level but does not cure this problem. If you stop this medicine, your diabetes may get worse.

Is Glimepiride 3mg tablet use safe for kidneys?

Glypride does not affect the kidney in a typical patient with a healthy kidney. But in patients with kidney disorder can be unsafe because the kidney eliminates it.

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