Nucoxia 60Mg

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  • Generic Name : Etoricoxib
  • Brand Name : Etozox
  • Manufacturer Name : Zydus
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What is Nucoxia 60mg?

Nucoxia 60mg is a pain-relieving medication. It helps in relieving the moderate pain and symptoms like swelling of joints which are generally associated with different forms of gout and arthritis. Nicosia is also indicated for treating short-term treatment of moderate pain after dental surgery in people above the age of 16 years and older.


How does it work?

Nucoxia 60mg is composed of Etoricoxib. It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and pain reliever. This active ingredient of this medicine selectively inhibits the isoform 2 of the enzyme cycle oxygenate, which helps in reducing the production of prostaglandins from the arachidonic acids that helps in relieving the pain and inflammation(redness and swelling). Thus it is administered for spondylitis, arthritis, and gout.


Dosage Indication-

Nucoxia tablets are available in different strengths, where your doctor may prescribe you the suitable dosage amount depending on the severity of the symptoms. You should follow the dose and duration as advised by a doctor for you. Use the medicine in fixed schedules regularly which will help you to maintain the proper gap between the dose and also increase the efficiency of the medication. Take Nucoxia tablet by swallowing it whole with water. avoid the chewing or crushing of the tablet. Finish the full medication course without skipping or missing any dose of Nucoxia, if you consume an overdose accidentally contact a doctor immediately and avoid the use of two doses at the same time.


Side Effects-

Below listed are some common side effects of Nucoxia 60mg which may need medical attention if they cause strong difficulty or gets worsen and contact a doctor immediately.

Difficulty in breathing


Stevens-Johnson syndrome

Unstable heartbeat



Blurred vision

Stomach pain




Yellowing of skin and eyes


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