Retin-A Micro Gel 0.1%

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  • Generic Name : Tretinoin
  • Brand Name : Retin-A Micro
  • Manufacturer Name : Janssen
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Retino A Micro Gel 0.1% For Acne

Retino A Micro Gel 0.1% is a prescription medicine that helps in reducing fine wrinkles. It is a form of Vitamin A that unblocks skin pores by reducing the oil secretion in the skin.

The gel treats acne, which may appear as spots or pimples on our face, chest or back. Retino A Micro Gel also manages rough patches, patchy skin color associated with excess Sunlight exposure. Sometimes a dermatologist may prescribe it with other medicines.

Retino A Micro Gel 0.1% benefits in

Acne Vulgaris

Wrinkled and rough as mottled skin

Manufacturer of Retino A Micro Gel 0.1%

Johnson & Johnson is a top leading pharmaceutical company that manufactures Retino A Micro Gel 0.1%. It is a Generic medicine for the brand drug Retino A Micro and available at the best price on our online pharmacy.

How does Tretinoin work?

Retino A Micro Gel 0.1% contains Tretinoin as a prime component, a form of Vitamin A. It helps by reducing the oil production in the skin and keeps the skin pores open. It also replenishes acne skin and reduces fine wrinkles. Tretinoin usually changes the way skin cells behave. It increases the shedding of old skin cells and, at the same time, promotes the growth of new skin cells.

How to use it?

Retino A Micro Gel 0.1% is a prescription ointment used under doctor supervision. Your doctor will tell you how long and in which amount you should apply it. Usually, you may need to apply it at night time before going to bed. Wash your affected skin normally with water and make it dry with the help of clean cotton cloth.

Then apply a small amount of the gel and coat a thin layer of it on the skin. Do not over-apply or more often than prescribed as it may not work any faster. But may increase the chances of betting its side effects.

Keep using Retino A Gel 0.1% as long as suggested for you. By start using it earlier during such skin problems, you are less likely to get scars. The medicine with proper use can help you in getting clearer skin.

Side Effects

Here are some most common side effects that may appear after using the gel. Usually, the Retino A Micro Gel is safe to use and does not have any serious side effects. But in few cases, it may cause some side effects like-

  • Peeling and blistering
  • Skin irritation
  • Burning or tingling sensation of skin
  • Patchy appearance of the skin
  • Red spots
  • Photosensitivity of skin


Avoid or at least minimize direct exposure to the sunlight. You can also use sunscreen and protective clothing over the treated area to protect your skin from sunlight.

If you have allergic to any ingredient of Retino A Micro Gel, you should not use it.

Do not apply it on the wound, cuts, or broken skin parts. Also, avoid contact with body parts like eyes, nose, mouth.

If you are breastfeeding a baby, you should not apply it to your breast, and please consult before you use it.

Inform your doctor if you have any other skin problems or using other topical medications. Use it only when your doctor prescribes you for its use.

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